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Today, we are able to shed some much-needed light on Pokémon GO. After months of speculation and deliberation, the Pokémon Company have finally released some exciting Pokemon GO game details.

This hotly anticipated augmented reality game set within the world of Pokémon has been one of the hottest topics on the net since its announcement last year. The game that will involve players exploring their real-world environment in order to “find and catch wild Pokémon hiding in our midst” promises to usher in a new order in the world of gaming.

Hot off the presses – Pokémon GO game details

The basic concept is simple and particularly ingenious – to find a water-based Pokémon you will have to venture out to where there is a lake, reservoir or ocean and visa verse into the woods to find a forest based Pokémon. The player will be guided by their Smartphone which will vibrate at different intensity’s when a Pokémon is nearby.

These critters will also be able to find you – don’t be surprised if you find yourself tripping over a Pokémon when on the way to work or on your lunch break. The game system can map your environment at any given time and believe me those little balls of fury are everywhere.

The players will be the trainers. Each player will start at the basic level and level up as they progress through the game and discover more territories. The higher the trainer level the “more-powerful” the Pokémon become. The trainer level also has an impact on the amount of items that become available.

Pokémon GO could help boost your local economy

For special or unique Pokémon, players will have to venture further and for longer – this really is the best way to get gamers out of the house. Not only does the game get you outside but it also gets players to explore particular places of interest in their local area.

Developer Niantic Inc is creating what they call PokeStops where special or unique items can be found. These Pokestops will be placed within your local museums and theatres etc. The idea again here is to encourage players to visit their local areas of interest and by doing so encourage the local economy to grow. These Pokestops will also hide within them special Pokémon eggs that can be stored and will only hatch after the player has walked a certain distance.

Pokémon GO is all about community

To that extent, players will be able to choose from three different teams when engaging in the gym battles. You didn’t think that there wouldn’t be any fighting did you? Once a team is selected the player will be able to allocate a particular Pokémon to a gym. The gyms will be in real world locations so players too will have to get out of bed. These real world gyms will denote the territory owned by that team – the more you have the stronger the team.

There is still no release date but we are told that the real world testing phases are drawing very near. The live development phase will be conducted in Japan and with a view to ship a month or so after.

This is truly an astounding advancement in video game history – the lines are truly blurred between reality and fantasy.

Are you ready for Pokémon GO?


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