ByMarlon McDonald, writer at
Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Games, in all of their infinite splendor, are nowadays hilariously broken very often, leading to some of the most hilarious and frustrating times in front of a screen. So with that in mind, have a little visual snack with these 10 totally WTF moments from some of our favorite nuggets of entertainment:


2. Fate Drives A Red Hot Car

3. Oooh Riiiight, "Don't Use The Bag With The Cross On It..."

4. I Got This, Coach

5. Not So Eager To Get Going Now, Are You?

6. Selfie Game: Fire

7. Holy Shit, Batman!

8. Dat Ammo Tho

9. Science, Bitch

10. So THAT'S How The Bat Died


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