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Despite sharing the screen with DC heavyweights in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Wonder Woman has been creating quite the buzz with critics.

The rebooted character is a big player in DC's Extended Universe; she'll feature in the upcoming Justice League, as well as starring in her own solo venture in 2017.

To celebrate Gal Gadot's portrayal, let's take a look back at Diana Parker's journey, through the visual medium of photographs:

1. Cover debut (1942) - Sensation Comics #1

2. Silver Age (1962)

3. Modern Reboot (1968)

4. Cathy Lee In 'Wonder Woman' TV movie (1974)

5. Lynda Carter As 'Wonder Woman' The TV Series (1975 - 1979)

6. Another Reboot In The '80s (1987)

7. The '90s Untraditional Outfit

8. Justice League Cartoon Series (2001 - 2004)

9. Wonder Woman #41 (2015)

10. Batman v Superman (2016) - Gal Gadot

What is your favorite Wonder Woman costume?


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