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''OMG, Hans is the best villan ever!''

''He's so original!''

''What a great twist, I didn't see it coming!''

''Hans is the biggest *sshole!''

No... No...

Ok, I was looking around in my things looking for my research about Anastasia Romanov to make the review of the movie Anastasia by Fox Animation Studios from 1997 when I remembered this movie that is also from 1997:

It's part of a series of films The Secret of..., most of them quite poor. You can find the whole movie on youtube if you think your time has no value, like me.

When I re-watched it out of pure boredom, looking for the hilarious animation mistakes (and... because I like one of the songs...) I was remainded of the villan and how he and Hans are alike.

Meet Checka!

Apparently perfect and heroic until the last 15 minutes of the movie (are any bells ringing alredy?)

Of course there are diferences. Hans doesn't have a mustache and is ginger... Checka is not a real prince... I guess Hans doesn't have a pet crow either... And Checka did have foreshadowing.

And that's it...

The rest is all the same. Twist villan with chocking reveal when the heroine needs him the most. Sweet, polite and perfect persona until the true self is revealed. Clothing. Status, and even though Checka was pretending to be a prince, he still had influence because the real Prince Paul had alredy ''been taken care of'' years ago.

But seriously, look at their meeting with the heroine!

So, annoyed and tired of Frozen Fanatics saying Hans is unique and stuff? Tell them about this movie.

Tell me what do you think in the coments bellow!

Thank you for listening.


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