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Batman v Superman will debut tonight in North America and tomorrow in China, Japan and United Kingdom, but it began its box office roll out yesterday in 10 overseas markets.

The film racked up an impressive $7 million, as it ranked no.1 in all markets on a total of 5900 screens.

Spain was the biggest opener among all markets with a stunning $1.8 million on 702 screens, which is the biggest debut of 2016 in this market besting Deadpool's opening with a big margin.

France debut was at $1.7 million on 822 screens. In this market superhero movies don't connect much with the audience but still it snagged 5th biggest debut of the year there.

In Italy, it grossed $1.1 million on 768 screens, 87% ahead of Deadpool's Thursday opening.

Sweden grossed $428,000 on 210 screens for the biggest March debut of all time, while Norway snagged a “best of 2016″ opening day of $501,000. Finland earned $120,000 on 120 screens. Belgium opened with $191,000 on 150 screens.

Batman v Superman will debut today in additional 39 markets and will open tomorrow in China, Japan, India and United Kingdom. So basically, the whole world will be watching the film from Friday.

The international weekend is projected to be above $225 million and these early previews are good indications that the film is headed towards that estimates.


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