ByValéry Nkendong, writer at
Valéry Nkendong

I have read the so many reviews of critics regarding Batman V Superman. I must say while some views are very objective, others make me wonder whether these so called critics are being paid by other rival studios to kill the esteem of Batman V Superman. I do understand that every critic would say it is their professional opinion that they are giving. However, it is hard to comprehend when a writer says "Batman V Superman not worth your money... according to critics". Why write something like this when you the writer have not even had the chance to watch the movie? Batman V Superman is a historic event in comic book movie history. I am fan of super hero movies. I had a friend who had been craving to watch this movie for the past two years. Recently, he told me he doesn't think the movie would be that good based on critic reviews.

Again I understand critics are professionals who take their job seriously ( I hope). After the premier of Dawn of justice, the reaction from the fans was amazing. To all those who have doubts in their minds based on critic reviews, please listen to the fans who have watched the movie. You can find their overwhelming reactions online. Don't listen to critics who some, I truly believe are being paid by other interest groups ( be it rival industries) to down grade this movie. Go watch Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice for yourself, and be the judge. Don't let the negative energy that is circulating right now diminish your excitement for this movie.


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