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Feeling old yet? The Breakfast Club met for detention exactly 32 years ago today, and although the iconic 80's film is over 3 decades old, we still love it just as much today as we did back then.

In the spirit of celebrating The Breakfast Club's all-day Saturday detention, which changed them all in super profound ways in only a few short hours, here are 11 things you probably never knew about the beloved cult classic film.

1.) The Movie Was Shot In Sequence

Writer/direction John Hughes, who just totally understood teen angst, filmed the movie in complete sequence. After making the young actors, Molly Ringwald, Emillo Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Michael Anthony Hall rehearse the movie like a play he finally rolled tape, meaning John Bender's epic fist thrust at the end was the final scene filmed on the last day of shooting.

2.) Michael Anthony Hall Is Just Too Sweet

Actress Ally Sheedy, who played "basket case" Allison, reportedly thought her co-star Michael Anthony Hall was so sweet she nicknamed him "milk and cookies," which he did not care for. Maybe that's why he decided to buff up a few years later?

3.) Parmesan Cheese Dandruff

The dandruff that Allison shakes from her head to add the illusion of snow to her drawing was actually Parmesan cheese! Well, it's better than real dandruff!

4.) The Heat Is On!

The set was allegedly so hot that some of the cast and crew would fall asleep or pass out from the heat. Does anyone want to turn the A.C. on?

5.) Special Keepsakes

All of the young actors were given a special keepsake from John Hughes, a piece of the banister that they danced on in the unforgettable musical montage scene. Hopefully they all kept it, because, well, that's pretty rad!

6.) Knife Fight

The switchblade that John Bender whips out during his argument with Andrew actually belonged to actor Judd Nelson, who reportedly used it for protection. Um...okay.

7.) Molly Ringwald Wanted To Play Allison

Molly Ringwald, who played "princess" Claire, actually fought hard to get the role of "basket case" Allison. Wouldn't that have been a weird turn of events?

8.) Brian's Original Story Line

Originally, Michael Anthony Hall's character, Brian Johnson, was supposed to have a learning disability, but we think his character was better with the way it turned out, nerdy, lovable, and relatable.

9.) The Title Was Changed

The title of the film was originally supposed to be The Lunch Bunch. Thankfully, it ended up being changed to The Breakfast Club, because The Lunch Bunch just doesn't sound as cool.

10.) Claire's Wardrobe Drama

The wardrobe for Molly Ringwald's character, Claire, was replaced after John Hughes thought it wasn't sophisticated enough. Her movie clothes came from the Ralph Lauren Store, the only one in Chicago at the time. Molly says her biggest regret from the film was not keeping Claire's boots.

11.) Nicholas Cage Was Almost Cast

Before Judd Nelson was given the role of "criminal" John Bender, Nicholas Cage was considered for the role. It looks like Judd just couldn't be ignored.

There you have it. 11 things you never knew about The Breakfast Club. Now all you need to do is fire up the DVD player, pop in the movie and relive the 80's with the amazing members of the "Brat Pack!"

Don't you just love them?

Source: Hollywood News Daily


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