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David Marks

"Wer" is a modern take on werewolf mythology. Taking place in France, this horror flick brings the concept of the full-moon, flesh eating creature into the 21st century, and boy does it deliver!

A family is ravaged by what the lone survivor calls a hairy creature that stood on two legs and had huge hands. The mother described how the creature proceeded to eat her young son.

Almost immediately, the local police detective Pistori has a suspect in custody-- Talan, a huge man with hair that covers his body. He belonged to a family with history in past land disputes and mysterious deaths.

His defense team gathers to dispute what appears to be a miscarriage of justice. The team is made up of attorney Kate Moore (A.J. Moore from "Criminal Minds"), her assistant Eric Sarin (Vik Sahay from "Chuck") and animal specialist Gavin Flemyng (Simon Quarterman from "The Devil Inside").

While researching, Gavin discovers a rare condition which could explain Talan's appearance. Should they be able to prove that Talan has this condition, it would pretty much exonerate Talan, as symptoms include elongated, weak bones that cause the sufferer to have no strength, and move slowly.

This leads to an awesome scene in the hospital, where Talan is to be tested.

The movie is break-neck-paced. There are a few subtitles, but most of the movie is in English. There are outstanding visual effects, especially of the practical kind. There are even some crackly, snapping standard werewolf turning scenes. There is a handful of POV/Found footage used, but not over-used, which is refreshing. They are used only for maximum impact (for example, weapon cams). The acting is first rate, and the directing (by William Brent Bell, who also co-wrote Wer) is top notch. William Brent Bell brought us such creepy fair as "The Devil Inside" and more recently "The Boy."

And of course, there are a few "oh-- you KNOW this is going to get bad" moments, that are pretty much inevitable in a movie like this. It's easily the best werewolf film I have seen since "American Werewolf in London," which came out over 35 years ago. While AWIL was considered a comedy/horror mashup, Wer is all horror.

SCORE: 8/10

In my opinion, Wer would have garnered a perfect score of 10/10 if not for a blatantly Hollywood ending.

Regardless, the film is outstanding!


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