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The new and original series “Bloodline,” is an exciting drama/thriller that tries too hard to be realistic. With a dramatic overuse of the F-word during every episode and putting a cigarette in a character’s mouth for what seems to be every scene. It gives Netflix subscribers a story about family conflict, which seems to be a plotline used many times in the past. Although even with those flaws, series co-creators Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman have differentiated “Bloodline” from other shows with its amazing character development and a story that may sound familiar, but is incredibly original.

Kyle Chandler stars as John Rayburn, an outstanding husband, father, brother and son. Married to the beautiful Diane, played by Jacinda Barrett, raising two great kids and taking care of any family problems in order to help his brother and sister out of trouble, as well as keeping his parents happy. Chandler seems to play this type of character in all of his roles. A well-respected man who is a law-abiding citizen in the community, but is willing to break the rules in order to save his family from some sort of threat. Chandler’s character in “Friday Night Lights,” Coach Eric Taylor, is a great example, as well as his role in “Super 8,” Deputy Jackson Lamb. Chandler keeps getting these roles because of how well he plays them, but in “Bloodline,” he pushes past his typical acting ability. Giving more emotion to this role than ever before and easily making this the best performance of his career.

“Bloodline” begins with a panning shot over beaches in the Florida Keys with a narration by John, “sometimes you know something’s coming; you feel it in the air; in your gut; you don’t sleep at night; the voice in your head is telling you something is going to go terribly wrong; and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” Right from there, the show promises a very intense plot, and it stays true to that promise with a great deal of tension between characters in the first few episodes and then powerfully dark moments towards the...

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