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This will be a SPOILER FREE review of Batman V Superman. It will still contain minor spoilers that aren't important to the plot.

Yesterday I finally got to see a movie we all have been waiting for. Everyone wanted to know if this movie would turn out to be a masterpiece that changes the industry and establishes DC Films or if it would be a gigantic failure setting back DC once again in building a shared Universe after the first try with Green Lantern. It turns out it is neither. It is right in the middle.

This movie made one vital mistake in my opinion. The title is only half true. The title should have been Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice. I think anyone involved noticed this movie doesn't really deserve a vs title. That is why the gave it only the v. So from the start the movie builts wrong expectations for the general audience. I personally knew what I was going into so the rather short fight didn't bother me. It was long enough for my taste and the result of the fight was beautiful and no Comic fan should go out being angry about it. But, lets talk about the characters that are for sure the highlight of the movie.

In this movie Superman really becomes the man many wanted him to be in Man of Steel. He has grown a lot. He saves people when ever he can and tries to build trust with humanity. Superman is suprisingly the heart of this movie. I expected to go out thinking Superman was overshined by Batman but Superman is the focus of the story. Henry Cavill further establishes, the Man of Steel as a Superman that has a man behind the Super. In one particular scene I felt the pain of the world on his shoulder just by looking at him. He also stays true to his code of not killing humans. There has been controversial over a spoiler Mr. Sunday Movies revealed and I can honestly say he didn't kill anyone. It is stayeded multiple times that he didn't kill anyone in that situation. Superman in this movie from his character to his actions fullfills all my wishes for Superman and I'm looking forward to a Man of Steel sequel after this movie.

Ben Affleck was a controversial choice and once again many will eat their words. Ben Afflecks performance as Batman is the truest to the source material we had, from the first moment on screen as Batman, I could only think "This is Batman". But it should be said this Batman is a lot more brutal and takes the phrase from Batman Begins "I don't have to save you" to new levels. Batman never directly kills anyone, but he doesn't shy away from shooting at your car, if you shoot at him. If your car happens to explode and kill you "It isn't really his problem" how Zack Snyder phrased it in a interview. I have to be honest this at first was very weird to see and I hope they will tone it down if he should happen to work with a Robin in future solo movies. Batman has killed in all of his movie portrays and has killed in the comics but it still raises the question why the Joker is still alive and we will need in future movies a clear explanation of this Batman's code. Besides this complained this is the best Batman and Bruce Wayne we had to date. Also any critic complaining about seeing again the Waynes being killed are nuts. The Waynes have never been killed in a more visual beautiful way and the entire execution of the opening scene is perfection in many ways.

Gal Gadot had to go through a lot of criticm before this movies even released, from being called a bad actress to people complaining about her breast size. But Gadot steals the show in every scene she is in. She isn't in many but every scene she is in made me want to see her solo movie even more. Especially one line she says about World War 1 gives me high hopes on the direction of her solo movie. Also to quickly touch on the other Justice League cameos I can only say that the Flash cameo steals the show and will give many comic fans a geekgasm.

Jesse Eisenberg is perfect for this interpretation of the character. This Lex Luthor is the Golden Age of Comics mad scientist, rather than being the buisness man we know from modern DC Comics. I read a lot of critism involving him being too much and being a lunatic with daddy issues. I very much disagree. When you listen and read between the lines of his dialogue you will notice that he is a high functioning Sociopath using things like his fathers death to create sympathy and trust. Everything he does seems to be manipulative and cruel. I really think you will either love this take on the Golden Age Luthor or you will just dislike it.

So to come to an end. After watching the movie all the bad reviews by critics don't suprise me. Specifically one scene will make DC comic fans very happy but leave critics and mainstream fans on the outside, making it look like this movie is a confusing mess. I read a lot of reviews for BvS and the only complained I can agree on was that the run time was too short making it feel too fast paced. I hope that will be fixed in the 3 hours Director's cut. Besides that most criticm seems to be confused mainstream critics that expected to see the Avengers with DC characters and generally having a dislike for Zack Snyder, making a lot of reviews seem more like rants on Zack Snyder's movie history than a movie review. This movie is very interesting in the way it is truly the first big budget comic book movie made by a comic book fan for comic book fans. That is why a lot of DC fans are over the moon happy about this movie while critics are confused. At the end the question of if that is a bad thing is left to every viewer for themselves to decide. Batman V Superman is a movie you have to have seen. If you go out hating or loving it doesn't matter really, because at the end both sides win. The people that will rip every flaw of this movie apart for the next year will have as much fun writting rants about this movies, as fans writting love letters for it. At the end Batman V Superman did the heavy lifting of establishing a Universe without breaking apart. The weight of this task is shown through little cracks that are shown in the form of missed opportunities and questinable ways of some plot executions, but at the end BvS and everyone involved has succeeded in making this movie work. This movie is neither the big let down critics make it out to be or the masterpiece fans wanted it to be. It is still a solid foundations for greater things to come. You could describe it as the Dawn of DC Films.


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