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Batman v Superman is finally out and so far the reviews are very mixed. Much like its predecessor, Man Of Steel, there seems to be a sort of cult following where the people who like it love it, and the people who don't like it don't like it at all. I personally really enjoyed Man Of Steel and it stands as my favorite Superman movie to date. I love learning facts and tid-bits about all my favorite movies, so here are some of the best facts from Man of Steel!

1. Henry Cavill's Body Was 100% All Him!

Henry Cavill in 'Man Of Steel'
Henry Cavill in 'Man Of Steel'

Being Superman comes with a lot of pressure and expectations, and one of the main ones on is your body. Superman is known to have an extraordinary physique, which looks like he possesses all the strength in the world. This meant the actor, Henry Cavill, had to to look insanely big to pull off looking like the Man of Steel.

Cavill refused to take any steroids to enhance the way he looks and he also declined having digital touch-ups to enhance his body. This shows what pure work and dedication looks like, because in the movie he is a tank (as you can see above). What do you think guys, do you think it paid off?

2. The Film Was Released On Superman's 75th Anniversary

Back in June 2013, the release of Man Of Steel marked the incredible 75th anniversary of the long running comic book character who is probably the most iconic one ever. It was a nice was to pay homage to the character, and speaking of paying homage...

3. Christopher Reeve Makes A Small Cameo Appearance

The late great, Christopher Reeve
The late great, Christopher Reeve

For some people, Christopher Reeve is the definitive Superman. Sadly the actor passed away in 2004 and the world lost a true icon. With this in mind, it only made sense for the crew of Man Of Steel to pay homage to the legend in some shape or form, and that is exactly what they did.

They smartly and subtly put Reeve's face on Henry Cavill's towards the end of the movie as Clark Kent shoots up through a beam, as you can see above. Can you make Christopher Reeve out? I think it is a perfect way of including him in the movie in a nice, commemorating way.

4. 'S' Meaning Hope Comes From 'Superman: Birthright'

One of my favorite elements of Man Of Steel is how they used what the meaning of the "S" on his chest stands for. Mark Waid created this comic line back in 2003/2004 and he came up with the idea of the "S: standing for hope. But this isn't the only inspiration Man Of Steel took from another source...

5. The Shield Herald Came From The 1978 'Superman' Movie

One of the biggest films of the '70s was the big screen introduction of the red caped hero we all know today as Superman. This iconic movie set the stage for the genuinely great superhero movies that we see all the time now.

One thing Man Of Steel got from Superman (1978) is the idea that the Superman shield was a Kryptonian herald for the house of El. This made its way into Man Of Steel and was a prominent factor in the movie, with the crest plastered everywhere.

6. There's Another Superman In 'Man Of Steel'

Back in 1978, a young boy named Aaron Smolinski played the toddler version of Clark Kent. Fast forward all the way to 2013 and he's in another Superman movie in the form of a fun cameo. In the third quarter of the movie, we see Aaron as a soldier in the background. Pretty easy to miss if you don't know who he is! Now you will never un-see this when you re-watch Man Of Steel! Nice little trivia fact for your friends.

7. Henry Cavill Opted For Supes To Have Chest Hair

When you think of a superhero, you don't really think of chest hair, but Henry Cavill questioned this. He's a man who naturally has chest hair and he decided not to take it off for the movie, insisting that just because you are muscular doesn't mean you need to have a clean shaven chest.

He must have read up on his comics, because he cited The Death Of Superman to back up his point where Superman does in fact have a hairy chest in the iconic comic. Check out Supes in The Death Of Superman below!

Cavill was spot on.
Cavill was spot on.

8. Ben Affleck Almost Directed It

Ben Affleck may have an Oscar to his name, but that doesn't mean he will take on any project. The star, who plays Batman in Batman v Superman, said that he wasn't experienced enough on visual effects shots, stating:

"A lesson I've learned is to not look at movies based on a budget, how much they'll spend on effects or where they will shoot. Story is what's important"

What do you think? Would you have preferred Ben Affleck direct this blockbuster? He is heavily rumored to direct the stand-alone Batman movie for DC in the future. Maybe he's learned a thing or two starring in Batman v Superman.

9. Cavill Tried On The Original Superman Suit For The Role

According to Zack Snyder, the filmmakers made Henry Cavill try on the original 1978 suit to see what the British-born actor would look like. Snyder said he instantly knew Cavill was right for the role after seeing him in costume. I'm sure that's a moment the cast and crew will forever remember!

So, there you have it, guys! Was there anything you knew already from the list? If you want some more trivia, follow my page, and here's one I did on Batman v Superman!


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