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Hollywood movie star Woody strode needs to be recognized on the Hollywood walk of fame with his own Star. an African/american who pioneered the way for Many famous Minority ethnic group actors today. Known in his origin name as Woodrow Wilson Woolwine strode, he was originally a Athlete/wrestler/ Football player. before becoming a actor. making his first credited Appearance in the film ''Sundance'' (1941) this film started a steady credit for strode in films during the 40s and 50s era. Until he was cast in the Epic film ''Spartacus'' (1960) playing the Gladiator character Draba alongside Kirk douglas.

The role earned Woody Strode a Golden Globe Nomination. this role probably captivated film director John Ford to cast Strode in his first Starring role as a Military soldier in a courtroom Drama film titled ''Sergeant Rutledge'' (1960)

Strode played the lead character Sergeant Rutledge. co-starring Jeffery Hunter as his Defender in court. this film was a Major boost to strode's acting career Giving him the chance to be in Many more John ford directing films Woody Strode was able to have equal starring role among Hollywood stars like Lee Marvin and Burt lancaster in ''the professionals'' (1966) which led to more Western themed films like ''Once upon a time in the West'' (1968) the Westerns probably established strode As a Western era film Star, stereo Typing him into other Spaghetti Westerns he made Later on in life.

Being a Character actor for the remaining years of his acting Career he still played in Westerns even Narrated the African/american Western title ''Posse'' (1993). the late Woody Strode died in (1994) at the age of 80. a True Hollywood Star that needs to be recognized with a Hollywood walk of fame Star for his Contribution to Entertainment. Woody Strode R.I.P.


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