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Co-founder of 1931 Productions: a film production company with the mindset of making interesting, stylish and original films regardless of
Nadia Robertson

Man of Steel is one of those films that completely polarizes its audience; you either think Zack Snyder is a fool or you regard him as a titan of the comic book genre film.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opening in mere hours, it poses the question: Will BvS be yet another subject of heated fan haterade, or will the much anticipated blockbuster turn those frowns upside down and cement itself as one of the greatest super hero movies to date? Critic reviews are coming now coming in, but it's time for you to decide!

Meanwhile, have you boned up on your prequels to get yourself ready to delve deep into the Batman / Superman universe?

Take a listen to Nadia & Ben Robertson of 1931 Productions as they join Ernesto Martinez on the Cinematic Universe podcast where we discuss the film that started us all on this crazy wild journey we call "Snyder's Superman": MAN OF STEEL



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