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After a long wait, fans finally got the movie they were waiting for: [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). The movie garnered a positive reaction from fans, due to the amazing comic-book vibe the film gave. With a film as massive as Batman v Superman, there are sure to be some awesome behind-the-scenes facts!


Henry Cavill went through a grueling intense diet and exercise regiment to achieve the perfect Superman body for Man of Steel. He even got his body fat percentage down to 7%. While that may seem like an implausible feat, Cavill packed on twice as much muscle for BvS. He kept up his routine during the break between films, and expanded on his routine to be an even better Superman.

Amazonian Abs

Gal Gadot wasn't a very popular fan choice when she was first cast, but that didn't stop her from diving right into the role. In order to train for Wonder Woman, she practiced sword fighting, jiu-jitsu, kung fu, and kick-boxing.

Passing The Torch

Ben Affleck (left) and Christian Bale (right)
Ben Affleck (left) and Christian Bale (right)

Ben Affleck met former Batman star Christian Bale randomly in a costume shop one day, both buying Batman suits for their kids. Affleck asked Bale if he could give any advice on playing Batman, and Bale replied with "make sure you can piss in the suit."

Comedian Casting

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who worked with director Zack Snyder before as the Comedian in Watchmen, was originally considered to play the new Batman. However, Ben Affleck was given the part, and Morgan was cast as Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father.

Director Decision

Though we all know that Ben Affleck plays Batman in Batman v Superman, he was originally offered a chance to direct Man of Steel. He turned it down since he didn't have experience in visual effects, but if he took the opportunity, it's likely he would have directed BvS as well, leaving the door open for a different Batman.

Villainous Decisions

Though Jessie Eisenberg was cast as the very controversial Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman, the studios wanted Tom Hanks to fill the role. After seeing him in Cloud Atlas they thought he would be perfect for the part of Lex. Adam Driver, Bradley Cooper, and Matt Damon were also on their list to play the villain.

Breakout Bat

Ben Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman is one of the most widely loved parts of Batman v Superman, and he was loved long before the movie even hit theaters. In an early screening for Warner Bros. executives, they loved Affleck so much that they instantly began planning three solo Ben Affleck Batman movies. Only one is confirmed for now, but we may have two others on their way as well.

Legendary Luthor

Even though Jesse Eisenberg acted his heart out and gave us a magnificent performance, the majority of fans were not very happy with his casting. However, he was originally considered for the role of Jimmy Olsen, the photographer at the beginning of the film. Zack Snyder found him discomforting and somewhat menacing when they spoke, so he offered him the part of Lex Luthor instead. (Bonus: Ben Affleck said that Eisenberg's Luthor is the most interesting character of the film!)

With a movie as monumentally hyped as Dawn of Justice was, it's no wonder that it had plenty of trivia tidbits to share. What's your favorite DC fun fact? Let me know in the comments below!

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