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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie that develops on the events of Man of Steel successfully and creates a universe that is ready to be explored in future films. Although it's not a perfect movie and has a few flaws, it's truly a good introductory film and looks deeply into certain themes and opinions. Check out the positives and negatives below (Warning, could have mild spoilers).
Overall Rating: 7.5/10


- Fantastic Opening Scene

- Ben Affleck is the definite Batman and stole every scene (the movie had more Bruce Wayne/Batman than it did Superman)

- Gal Gadot is the definite Wonder Woman and stole the final fight scene

- Jesse Eisenberg is the definite Lex Luthor and the villain we have been waiting for years. Stole every scene.

- Great cameos and easter eggs that tie into next year's Justice League and the villain they will be facing. Great tie-ins to future stand-alone films and other comic references.

- Cinematography was on point and felt like you were seeing a comic book literally come to life.

- Although short and quick, fighting scenes and action were spectacular.

- Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL did the music justice (that's a pun)


- Lois Lane is still annoying and there were a few stupid moments

- Trailers ruined a lot of the wow moments that should have been saved for the film. Reason why Star Wars 7 had a better feel and wow moments because nobody knew what was going on in the film until release.

- Doomsday was awesome but was wasted in the final fight and movie. Potential for him to come back but the storyline from a particular comic has been done now.

- Ending emotional scene was sad but obvious due to comic book story and the fact Justice League comes out next year.

- The references about comparing God to Superman; particularly in Lex Luthor's monologue was a bit too much and made me feel uneasy as a Christian.

- Although the movie was long, the pacing was a bit over the place. The important fights were short.

- Batman becoming friends with Superman was too easy and we thank Lois Lane for the ex machina.

- Bruce Wayne having a nightmare about the future made no sense on why he got the nightmare (although that part was cool). Lex Luthor also knowing about the big bad villian that is coming made no sense.


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