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3/24/2016 It's March 24, 2016 What are you doing? I hope you all are doing something exciting & love in life. & LAUGH all the TIME! Because Life is short, BE happy like this scarface video! Share this to be successful!

Scarface Junior is parody of the old movie Scarface that came out in the 80's. We pretend like he had a child after his death in the original. This film was made for fun because we love and enjoy to entertain everyone around the world. It's very funny only by Kolontarov Brothers Production.

Directer: Shalom Kolontarov, Jacov Kolontarov

Writer: Shalom Kolontarov

Editor : Jacov Kolontarov

Producer: Jacov Kolontarov, Shalom Kolontarov



2. Jacov Kolontarov

3. Lior Kolontarov

4. Gary Jacks

Genre: Thriller, Action

Rated: PG -13

Our Website: http://www.kolontarovbrothersproducti...


"All my visuals, music, sound and actors... All Right Reserved By Me. No one else could have these clips without my permission."'

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