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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is about to come out for the public to see but just before its arrival a strange thing has happened with its reviews where there is about 50% difference between critics and fans reviews in scoring on Rotten Tomatoes

Some people hate it, others love it but this negative buzz around the film has been flying around the internet for a day or two now and is having people question the system Rotten Tomatoes have because of the difference by Critics and fans and for others its making the audience put a negative thought in there head before they even see the film or even make them not watch the film.

I haven't seen the film (I get to see it tomorrow) and it's really bugging me hearing all of this controversy and discussion before a lot of the audience get to see it because of this Rotten Tomatoes score, even I've had discussions about this but after some thinking we really shouldn't care about it.

My friend said it best:

"Why should it matter? A critic can love it and a fan can still hate it, Id consider myself both a fan and critic and my personal critique is still going to be fair and deserving of what I think."

Just because Batman V Superman has 30% from Critics doesn't mean that you, yes you will not enjoy the movie and that is what we are seeing from these rotten tomatoes scores, everyone has a opinion that is what makes films special that not everyone will like them.

I understand why people look at film scores/reviews before seeing a movie because they want to see if its any good but like I already said that's not how it works and all you are doing is either putting a positive or negative opinion on a film before you experience it.

After a movie makes sense (to me) as you want to see other peoples opinions and that I can get behind. So I came alternative way to determine if you should see a movie that doesn't rely on other peoples opinions:

  • Have you seen the Trailers? - does it look interesting?
  • Do you like the cast and/or director?
  • Are you googling for details?

If yes why look a reviews before watching it?


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