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Ask someone who their least favorite Superhero is and most will say superman. They say he is a goody two shoes, overpowered and nothing holds a threat to him. In the movies, this is true. There hasn't been a Superman movie that nails everything about him like there has been for batman and other characters. Here is how to do a good Superman movie.

Get the Origin right!

Many people think that Supermans origin was dying planet, brilliant scientist, baby sent to earth, but that's just part of it. That's how he got his powers, not how he decided to be Superman. After superman was of age and having a talk with Pa Kent, Pa kent told him that he was ment for bigger and better things than this. The Johnathan Kent Drops dead and Superman discovers that even with all his powers he can't save everyone. That is something Man of Steel really balls-ed up. Also don't take half the movie to do this, do it in 2 minutes, that's all it takes!

Do a villain that is NOT zod or Lex Luthor!

The fans and general public are tired of seeing the same 2 villains 6 times. SIX times, that's way to many! Do someone visually interesting to call in fans and the general public and to sell merchandise. Someone like Atomic Skull, Bizzaro, or Cyborg Superman! Have them have a good motivation other that a shady land deal! Having trouble figuring out the story? Look at one of the thousands of superman comic books there are! None of them are interesting? Well your in luck!

Possible story for Cyborg Superman!

I really want Cyborg superman in a movie but his story is super complicated! It involves the Death of superman story which is long and confusing and most of it is crap. Just change the origin of Cyborg Superman slightly. So have and Hank Henshaw and his team be in space sent by lex Corp to recover Kyrptonite. On the way back the landing messes up but is saved by Superman. Hank Henshaw's team dies but Hank has radiation poisoning from the heat rupturing the Kryptonite. Superman is in mourning because he couldn't save Hank Henshaw's team and Hank himself is dying. He remembers that even with all his powers he can't save everyone (flash back to the origin I was talking about! Sweet tie-in!) Hank Henshaw is about to die but he discovers that he can control machinery so he uploads his consensus into a lex Corp battle droid. In raged at Lex Luthor because his hatred for Superman caused the death of his wife, makes his new appearance as close as possible to Superman and decides to kill Luthor. As Henshaw attempts to do this he is confronted by Superman, saying that he does not have it in for Superman, so just to let him do this. Henshaw tries to subdue the Man of Steel but finds it impossible. Now in raged at both lex and Superman for helping the man who killed his wife. He sees that he can't kill Superman so he will just ruin his image. He starts doing crime in supermans name! Until he is finally stopped. Superman puts him on the ocean floor, so he can't call any machinery to assist him or can swim out because of the ocean pressure. Not dead but trapped. (Written by Ignacio Martinez jr, yes I'm taking credit in case you want to use it!)

Don't make him all Edgy and Brooding!

Superman is a nice guy, with unbroken morals! Just like captain America! Don't make the mistake of making him Brooding and serious or full of sadness. He isn't batman! We already have a Batman! His name is Wolverine!


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