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Batman v Superman has arrived in the theatres, but is it any good? It appears that no one can decide on whether it's a masterpiece, or the thing that kills any potential future for the DCEU. One of the most important comic book films in cinema has gained one of the strangest receptions ever seen.

With pretty much every film, you can categorise if they're bad or not. You'll have the occasional person who disagrees with the community's opinion but generally, it's pretty universal on the decided quality. What Batman v Superman has done has made half of people love it and the other half hate it. What gives?

Let's look at what people can decide on. Ben Affleck as Batman is considered one of the best performances on the film, being praised by fans. Ironically, it was the opposite when he was first cast. Batfleck's old and weathered persona give a very fresh portrayal of the Dark Knight on screen.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth are considered the best of the supporting cast. Wonder Woman has a nice mix of mysterious, sexy and powerful while Jeremy portrays a more snarky and realistic Alfred.

The audience also loved the action thanks to its sheer brutality. This great action is largely thanks to Ben Affleck's Batman, officially proving to be the definitive cinematic Batman. Although, the audience agrees that Doomsday was shoe horned in with very off putting CGI. The dialogue can also be incredibly awkward and poorly executed at times.

Now let's talk about what the fans can't decide on. Lex Luthor is perhaps the most polarising character in the film. Some consider him an excellent villain with an eccentric personality that steals every scene he's in. Others find him off putting and too strange to be entertaining.

The dark tone of the film is something a lot of fans aren't certain about. This deviation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe made fans feel refreshed and was reminiscent of the Dark Knight trilogy. Others felt it was too bleak and took a lot of enjoyment out of the film.

I'll try my best not to give anything away but the ending also seems to be dividing fans. Some considered it a shocking and bold decision made by DC to stand out even further from its Marvel counterpart, but others felt the ending was almost meaningless due to the upcoming Justice League movie and just got frustrated by it.

Personally, I think it's better this way. A movie as big as this shouldn't have a universal opinion. The fact that it has divided fans like this has just made the film that much more special. You should go into this film ready to make your own opinion on it.

So it begins, the greatest fan debate in the history of Comic Book movies:

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, has it been done justice...or injustice? I know my vote, I loved this movie!


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