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Batman v Superman is powerful. Gripping. I say go see the film for yourself to know for sure. But for me? I was moved throughout it. The opening, accompanied by the score from Zimmer and Junkie dawns on you. They worked it nicely into this movie.

Batman v Superman picks up exactly where they should have. This team made this movie work by adding the flare from its predecessor, in which I found to be amazing. This movie is what comics brought to life, looks like. Snyder has his vision. He uses it to balance the tone and body the emotions. He loves these comics because he is doing exactly what he loves. What the critics keep mentioning isn't relevant to the film, but to their own self preferences. They express how humorless it is, well people are actually dying in this movie. They state how grotesque it is, yet it places the elements in the right place and time. Now, I already have an article written for the critics here, so I won't go on a tangent about them.

Warner Brother took a risk here. They wanted to start their universe off by introducing their key components to the Justice League. You love Fox universe character introductions, this movies' cameos are lesser that that. How about Disney? Still not a fraction of that. The other characters, Aquaman, Cyborg are in here briefly. They are introduced. They are part of a plot in this film. They. Are. Important. And Flash? Whew. Loved that scene. His suit is different. You'll understand why and it looks amazing.

Now, I didn't forget about our trio. Snyder, Goyer and Terrio brought these characters to life. Henry has made himself my current Superman. He actually made me think he was human, not that his races' psyches aren't like ours. It's the fact that he caused me to relate to his pain. He cares––He loves––He fights. He shed tears and Cavill owned all of it in this role. Just thinking of what he dealt with... never mind. He was honestly my favorite of the film, psychological-wise.

Now to Lex Luthor. He is the devil he speaks of. His mannerism may seem bleak to some, but the momentum of his psychology picks up as the film progresses. We actually see his transformation and it's daunting. Eisenberg nails this different interpretation of Lex Luthor.

Then there's Bruce Wayne. We might as well start calling Affleck this, because he embodies this comic character. I don't know how he manages it, but he does. And when I first saw him as his counterpart, Batman, he actually had the chops to cause fear. Not saying I was scared. Let's just say he had me on edge. He brought the fight to the criminals and they definitely paid the price. His brutality shows, even in his old age. Angry or not, this is Batman. If you think otherwise, try to find some comics or watch animated shows/movies on the character. Preferably, The Dark Knight Returns series for comics or movies. Batman's approach and reasoning behind his actions were my favorite.

Now to this amazingly underrated, heroine, Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot was obviously hated for this role by many. Maybe even the masses. Yet, she was one of the best things about this movie. Her fighting is strategic. Her agility winds smoothly before she engages in the fight. She shows how powerful women are.

As obvious as it seems, I loved the movie. But nothing is perfect. The movie has balance in some areas, but once it sunk me into an emotional scene, I felt it took me out of it a few seconds too fast. This is not for the opening, which played nicely. It was well done. Then there were the cuts between scenes. Action movies have quick cuts to the next scene, I just felt they used a few quick cuts where they weren't needed. Those are my main flaws with Batman v Superman, so either take my review as hard as many are taking the critics'. Or take it as nothing at all. Seriously. You don't owe any of us anything. Enjoy the movie. Trust your fellow audiences before the critics, unless he/she have expertise in film-making or have an actual intelligent description of their disliking. Most of them aren't fans of these comic book movies anyway. If you are. Take the chance.

Rating: 9.3/10


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