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Watched BvS yesterday and after watching this, I can tell you with confirmation that Critics are Liar or paid or totally addicted towards comedy-Light stuff in superhero genre.

BvS is glorious.

Critics are either polarised by marvel stuff or the critics-conspiracy is true. They have praised Star wars-Force awaken till death while the general reviewers criticise it. On the other hand Critics gave negative review to "Watchman" but its the most thoughtful superhero movie ever made.

Now i'll directly come to the review of each character and its development. One more thing this review contains spoiler because its necessary to discuss them.........Reminding again SPOILERS are there.

Scoot Mcnairy - He's from the section which get effected by superman negatively. Fans from the initial casting speculations expected him either to be some speedstar or some other character but he's just a common man with ill-fate in the movie.

His role was the turning point of the movie and represent the after effects of MOS.
He seems gullible and acted nicely but here's nothing much to discuss. He was manipulated by Lex to frame Superman and one of the reason for the war between two leads.

Lawrence Fishburne- We get an editor who has humour but not as weird as J.J.Jamson. He acted precisely and actually played a very materialistic guy who seems someone never cared about Superman but his paper circulation. At the time of battle, he'as a totally different person and this shows layers in DCEU characters.

No complains and nothing much to talk about.

Holly Hunter - She acted beautifully. She holds her questions over Superman's authority and conscious but not ready to join wrong the forces against him. She cared for society and questioning the superman's existence over social impact only. Holy hunter justifies her role and showed mixed emotions towards Lex and Superman both without choosing any sides. She feels like a fresh air where everyone already picked their sides.

Calan Mullvey - No need of acting skills for his role because his role is more like a henchman before becoming KGbeast. Yes, his name is Anantoli Kanyazev and he's the henchman of Lex Luthor. His role might become more better in the future or maybe during the Jail break of Luthor.

Jeremy Irons - This is not your "Alfred next door" kind character but a totally different version we have seen so far. Where Cain's Alfred only showed his major interest to save Bruce Wayne from being Batman, this Alfred accepted the fact that he's Batman.

Jeremy do care about Bruce Wayne's family and his life but he has the ability to save Batman and he's sarcastic, hell a lot sarcastic which brings a big smile to your face.

His sarcasm is more like black comedy than marvel stuff. People might miss the philosophical aspect of Cain's Alfred here.

Doomsday - Doomsday's mythology lack explanation and yes I agree that doomsday should evolve more towards the real version shown in comics but this Doomsday is just a baby not the real one.

Also i think he'll come again. The best element of Doomsday is used in this story line, so its a bit sad because that will make more sense during JL-1 Ending.

But the action scenes with Doomsday will be the best you have ever seen and that's a promise.

Doomsday serves his motive and reveal the real need for assembling Justice League.

Amy Adams - She is more like the weakness of Superman on one side and his moral strength on other side. Lex noticed their relations and used her accordingly. Adam's acting is fine and she's portraying a journalist who searches for her questions. She revealed the real face of Lex but she'as her own issues related with Superman.

Zack Synder beautifully explored her relation with superman, and its not just romaticism. She's embracing Superman's ideologies and also providing her contribution in it. She connects the whole plot line with Lex and also participated in Doomsday Battle also.

Gal Gadot - Her role is nothing but an extended cameo. She's the third part of Batman v Superman. She's 10 times more badass than any female character you have ever seen on screen, compare her with Torantino's "bride" from kill bill.

She take stands in front of Bruce Wayne and hold her shield against Doomsday to save Batman. Her action scenes against Doomsday are the best action scenes ever. She'll be the deciding force in the Justice League.

Gadot slapped upon haters face and she's one of the most surprising element of the movie in a good manner. She's born to play this role. Thank god Zack avoided Jamie Alexander and other options.

Henry Cavil - Please guys he's not your regular Superman but the Superman you have seen in Injustice story line who doesn't holds hope for everyone but yes the one who need them. When he fights, he cause destruction because of his Super powerful villains. He wants to do right every time but unable to accept that "You can't please every one at once". He's soft from his heart that's why keep asking his position in this society because he does cared for them.

O.K. lets imagine a scenario, you are a normal person and someone started flying over you head. Remember this is not your Chris reeves scenario or time. Off course this will cause insecurity but in movie people are unable to digest this. Even if this flying-man saved someone then also the image of that person will depend upon your perception of the saved one. Like what's his Race, Nation, Business plans or even his face structure. And that's a truth.

Now Henry cavil is not the best actor in the cinematic history but if you want to understand what make Superman a Superhero than he's the best superman ever. He shows the confusion of Superman with grace. This Superman is Vulnerable Emotionally and Physically. That's the need of situation before establishing Justice League to equalize every member of justice league in terms of vulnerability.

Zack synder shows the myths of Superman beautifully. He gives us Nuke effect, Kryptonite's dust impact and his emotional obligations towards her "Special Ladies". You can complain about what he's not and keep ignoring the fact that how beautiful perception Superman has.

This Superman is not what we thought but what our logicality demands.

Ben Affleck - One word only "Scary". Yes this Batman scares people and understand the power of fear. Alfred pointed out once how Bruce has changed from a hero to a monster. You will feel the heat of those time upon Ben's face. His every emotion, every piece of act seems so convincing and self explaining about those situations.

He's haunted by Superman powers and unaware of Lex Luthor's real face like the rest of the world. He does his deduction on his own and keep contact with Alfred in every situation. Dreams sequences are amazing and contain so many Easter eggs like Man-bat , Darksied's forces with Superman (Bizzaro) with them, Flash time wrapping to show future and Bruce's dreams which might make sense in the future and for comic arcs educated people, it's a gift. Batman's actions scenes are breath taking and brutal, either with Superman or against Lex goons.

He don't use his playboy/Billionaire/Immature card every time but just a sense of maturity over his every word. He's not a coward but seen enough to know the essence of fear and danger in his mind. He blame himself somehow but keep moving to breath not to live. This is the best portrayal of Batman and Bruce Wayne both, in just a fragment of time. He's going to be the Experience of Justice League and the one who hold them on ground.

Jesse Eisenberg - This is the most controversial name attached with this movie. Yes, its true that its not your regular Lex Luthor you have seen till now in comics but its the Luthor which suits the present world more where the arms war are changed into economical war. The appearance of Lex suits his character and he's a technical giant/ IT Giant not some old school tycoon. He holds his authority over government and have his differences with them. He let Bruce to breach him (Mercy seen Bruce ) and let him go. He framed Superman as a terrorist and let Batman use Kryptonite against Superman. He knows everyone's weakness and hold his control over all JL members. Wonder woman, Batman and Superman are manipulated by Lex and that's how Lex works.

Lex luthor is a planner here who manipulates and also extremely brutal to cross any lines for his demands. His irregular conversational skill and unconventional behaviour are the part of his genius-philosophical character. He manipulates people either by his power or by his words. He holds his own prospective against God, Society and Power which seems logical if you think about them from that prospective. But if you keep super imposing the previous incarnations over this then this will seems completely different. Lex is the universe settler for DCEU and also the Major threat. His obsession with superman is logically defined under sociological relations between Superhero-Society reaction elements.

Imagine how you feel if someone started flying over your head which is not from your land and your life depends upon his conscious.

Lex shows the flaws inside these two and used flaws against them. He used simple plans and executed them beautifully. Last scene with Lex is so much exciting *No words*.

This Lex ring the bells *ding ding ding ding......and he's hungry" and what Lex has done inside the Kryptonite ship is undisclosed yet. Maybe Doomsday is just a diversion.

This is not you regular Luthor but a whole new incarnation of it. Jesse is the best actor in the movie and even one of the best villains in comic movies. Have a broad prospective and open mind , Believe me you'll love this if you doesn't superimpose them with less threat full version you have seen before. The core of this Luthor is much stronger than before versions.

Storyline -
Story explains everything, sometimes need to be seen minutely. Chris Terrio does a good job in weaving all this characters together on a single platform. He simplifies this beautiful, intelligent and complicated storyline into a simpler version for general audience. Chris don't have any single character which doesn't participate in the storyline integrally.

Director - This movie is not a comedy action but a psychological/thriller action movie. Zack synder beautifully incorporates the philosophical differences and no the battle between the leads are not just for nothing. Some people might complain because this movie is not a "no brainer".

Actions are best till now. So beautiful and wonderful, also best space involving battle. The battle between batman and Superman is epic. This is a Landmark movie in terms of actions at least.

BvS = TDKR + Watchman + CA:WS

This movie is not as bad as Iron man 3 as rotten tomato shows and off course its not 98% deserving. But from my point of view it deserves a lot better, believe me i have seen more than 6000 Hollywood (basically based upon RS ratings) and 1000 European movies. Even i have noticed that RT don't have balls to criticise Disney.

One or another hand everyone knows that Watchman, MOS and BvS are Good- Excellent line.

As per rotten tomato ratings also, this deserves at least 80%-85%

MY Rating - 85/100


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