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Spoilers for Batman v Superman lie ahead!

The wait is over. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally been released! From the moment it was announced we have had to endure the greatest wait in cinematic history, and also some pretty wacky rumours. Ranging from Ben Affleck as Deathstroke, to Jason Todd making an appearance, we have had to listen to and debate some pretty nonsensical rumours.

With the film being released this weekend we can finally lay to rest some of these rumours, and I am going to list some of the biggest ones that turned out to be, well, just rumours?

5 - Scoot McNairy playing Metallo

Yeah this was a "Oh thank the heavens this is not true" kind of rumour. As if the film was not overcrowded enough, Scoot McNairy was meant to take on the role of Metallo, a Superman villain made from, you guessed it, metal (and sometimes kryptonite). I gave a huge sigh of relief when it was revealed that McNairy portrays a Wayne Enterprises employee who has a vendetta against Superman due to him losing his legs in the destruction of Metropolis.

The reason behind this rumour.
The reason behind this rumour.

I am really glad this one turned out to be false. Metallo is a villain for another film, he would be horribly misused next to Doomsday destroying Gotham, Luthor creating Doomsday and whatever the hell KGBeast was doing.

4 - Brainiac would make a cameo appearance

Since this is a set up for Justice League, everyone believed that Brainiac would make a cameo appearance at the end of the movie to set himself up as the lead villain for the two-part epic. I'm sad to announce that he does not appear at all.

While he does not appear, he does possibly get referenced by Lex Luthor at the end of the film. Luthor tells Batman "He has found us, and he is hungry." While this could be a set up for Darkseid (as he had that whole dream sequence dedicated to him), fans can be happy knowing either one of the big two are coming to Justice League.

3 - Batman being Deathstroke

Yeah remember that rumour? This set the internet ablaze! I have never seen so many people angry at a fan theory before in my life! The possibility of Ben Affleck's Batman actually being Slade Wilson broke the internet! I am very pleased to officially announce that this is not the case!

While I did not believe the rumour for one second, you have to give the guy props. He does lay out a pretty great argument! Now we just have to wait until Suicide Squad to find out if Joker is Jason Todd!

2 - A Death In The Family

I would have bet money on this making the film's final cut! From the Robin costume to the "clowns" remark, everything was pointing to Batman having flashbacks to Joker killing Jason Todd. Hell this sparked the "Joker is Jason Todd" controversy that plagues the internet to this day! Unfortunately we do not get a reference to Death in The Family. We get to witness Affleck stare somberly at Robin's costume, but no visual representation of Robin or Joker.

A real shame about this one, but after watching the movie, I am pretty glad they left it out. The film is already overcrowded with sub plots, and after Bruce has a flash forward, making him have a flash back would just confuse the general audience.

1 - Dan Amboyer playing Green Lantern

Remember when news broke of a young actor, who resembled Hal Jordan, playing the role of "Drone Pilot"? Everyone believed he was Hal Jordan. Rumours ranged from a throwaway line about his name to just a shot of his ring. His character profile on IMDB even showcased him wearing Hal Jordan's signature jacket. Even I believed that he was playing Hal, but sadly this is not the case.

Dan Amboyer is not even shown on camera. I can't even remember seeing a pilot throughout the film. He is uncredited in the film as a matter of fact. All signs lead to Green Lantern not even making an appearance in Justice League. All of the other members of the league have been set up, yet there is no official word on Lantern.

These were just some of the best rumours surrounding Batman v Superman. Some rumours got laid to rest weeks before release, such as Gordon being dead, or Jena Malone playing Barbara in the film. That being said, some rumours did come true such as Doomsday killing Superman, Wonder Woman fighting in WW1 and Zod becoming Doomsday. The important thing to take away from this is ALWAYS take rumours with a pinch of salt!


What rumour did you hope came true?


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