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The CW hit TV show, The Flash, has quickly become a hit. And out of all the TV shows I watch, it's easily my favorite. Being a spin-off of Arrow a lot was expected of it, and it quickly exceeded those expectations by bringing in a fun aspect to the idea of fighting crime. The wholesome and easily lovable characters with interesting plot twists has made it so much fun to watch.

The first season was completely original, with lots of superpowers that don't appear very often on other shows with enhanced humans. They also thought up clever ways to change the storyline from the comics and keep everyone guess by essentially creating an alternate timeline that stood close enough they could pull from the original source.

And so far the second season continued to entertain and bring new things towards us. That is, up until now.

So what's the Issue with Season 2?

The first season brought in time-travel, the second showed another reality reached through other gaps. Science helps bridge them and we got to see fun options come in with powered and powerless doppelgängers from Earth-2. But overall, the material has been someone unoriginal.

Nearly every episode, Barry is talking about how he needs to be faster. He trains, fails the first time. When he has to try again because it's necessary for a fight to save people, he succeeds. Every metahuman is beaten by either becoming faster or through some scientific invention of Cisco and Caitlin's.

And that's not even the worst offense yet.

The Villain is Essentially the Same

Now I'm not talking about the super power, because nearly every hero's main enemy is someone with the same power. I'm talking about their role in the show and their motivation.

The Reverse Flash
The Reverse Flash

First season was Eobard Thawne, AKA the Reverse Flash. He disguised himself as Harrison Wells after killing Barry's mom to create the accident at S.T.A.R. Labs and therefore causing Barry's powers. He then became Barry's mentor, helping him learn to use his speed and training him to become faster. His goal: steal Barry's speed.


And then there's season two with Jay Garrick, AKA Zoom. He came to Earth-2 under the guise of losing his powers and trying to help Barry become faster while also trying to figure out how to restore his own powers. He became Barry's mentor with the sole goal of his being stealing Barry's speed.

But they're Different!

Okay, there are some differences. Thawne wasn't really Wells and he created Barry's powers. Garrick was losing his speed and wants Barry to get faster so he can cure himself. But both hold the same main story: they became Barry's mentor so they could help him become faster, then they would take his speed.

Neither villain's plan has ended up the way they'd hoped as they were both exposed as being the true villain that the Flash has been fighting, but it's two similar. It's becoming easy to get bored with the overarching storyline of the season, which is designed to keep us interested.

And sure, you could chalk it up to the team being stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice, but I also think the writers are a bit at fault here.


Do you think the villains are too similar?


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