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(There Will Be Spoilers for Batman v Superman, Sorry)

Zack Snyder's anthem while promoting BvS should have been 'Sorry For The Wait'. I saw the movie last night in IMAX 3D with someone that's barely a casual fan. It's always nice to have that contrasting opinion to keep one in check of my fanboy-ism. When Wonder Woman came in that final battle -- like a boss -- I found myself clapping along with the rest of the audience.

If you've been keeping up with the reviews, then I am sure you noticed some critics saying that Diana Prince was an unnecessary addition to the movie. My friend, was completely smitten with her (as was I) every time she appeared in the film no matter how briefly. I disagree with all those reviewers and would argue that this was one the few smart-moves that Warner Brothers did in this movie.

By barely showing her throughout the course of film; made the anticipation of her solo film sky-rocketed. I really want to see what she does in her first outing, so much so that I now want to see her film more than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. She's still behind Spidey's solo outing, but I cannot wait to see what she does in her own film. This was genius on DCEU's behalf, like what Marvel does with the post-credits scenes in their movies. They tease just enough, that now I need to know why she stopped for nearly a century helping mankind (beyond us not being worthy of protection). They also teased her just enough to build a great deal of hype for future installments in the DCEU. She changed Hollywood forever by having a female superhero make everyone and their sister; dying to go see her solo movie. She just proved all the haters wrong and hopefully we'll get new movies starring badass females! Patty Jenkins the director of Wonder Woman had these words to say about Gal's Diana Prince (Which I totally agree with Patty!):

“To me, they shouldn’t be dressed in armor like men. It should be different. It should be authentic and real—and appealing to women.”

“It’s total wish-fulfillment. I, as a woman, want Wonder Woman to be hot as hell, fight badass, and look great at the same time—the same way men want Superman to have huge pecs and an impractically big body. That makes them feel like the hero they want to be. And my hero, in my head, has really long legs.”

She's everything I possibly could have hoped for in Wonder Woman. She truly was fearsome when she was fighting Doomsday. Now, for the most part I enjoyed this movie, but there were many flaws that only somewhat hinder the movie-going experience; I have no clue with the amount of time they had and they still couldn't make the movie flow nicely -- how did they ended up with so many things wrong. I'm going to skipped over some of the smaller beats of the plot that should have been left on cutting-room floor and talk about the bigger picture.

I am going to come out and say this; I did not like Bruce Wayne for the majority of the movie. I could care less that he killed people, or the fact that he really didn't seem liked the World's Greatest Detective. This movie had flaws with the dialogue and overall structure to the movie. Batman did not feel like a character I wanted to spend my time with. Now, I loved his action scenes -- when he was chasing the kryptonite around town and then ran into the Man of Steel. That was solid, but when the title match started between our two male-leads something was off.

My friend and I both agreed; he was sadistic fighting Clark, who wanted Bruce's help to rescue his mother. He didn't give Clark the time of day to tell him what was happening. You can disagree with me all you like, but the Batman I knew would have listened to Clark first. He savagely beat up Superman, the fight scene lasted way too long and it was more brutal than cool. I might have missed something in the setup; Batman was poorly characterize. I must say though -- when he was rescuing Clark's mom, that was some unbelievable action though (really awesome) and everything I wanted out of The Dark Knight.

Yet, I believe that Bruce did redeemed himself by the end of the movie. Clark's 'S' on his chest finally realized its full potential as he filled Batman with the hope that men are still good. At the ending, I liked Bruce once more and now I'm truly excited for the Justice League. The bout between the two though was not enjoyable for me, and that was very disappointing.

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was horrible. He was tacky and they should have done a better job with him. My friend and I both agreed that he was the worst part of the movie. I won't go into detail, but if you've seen the movie, I'm sure you will agree. He came off bratty, entitled and I think they wasted Eisenberg's talents. The last scene, with snot-dripping from his noise; made me cringed at how horrible of a villain he actually was. I also read numerous reviews about the last fight scene with Doomsday, with people reporting that it was terrible. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was the perfect length and he was actually scary. It was a great battle to end the movie with.

Superman Redeemed

I've read so many reviews of people saying that Henry Cavill's Superman was not good in this movie. I strongly disagree with everyone that said that about Supes. The first-half of the movie showed the struggles of him trying to do good and the guilt he had for everything that occurred in the last 18-months.

I loved the homage to The Dark Knight Returns with Kal getting hit by a Nuke and shriveling up. By the end of the movie, he truly felt like this is the Superman that we deserved in DCEU. He sacrificed himself at the end and turned one the darkest souls (Batman), into someone that I now can root for. Snyder couldn't help himself with the religious overtones, because we all know that Clark is coming back. This left me giddy, that we are finally seeing Superman transforming into the character that we all can all look up to. I still have a problem with Doomsday being killed by kryptonite, but maybe they're just setting-up future installments with one of the best villains ever in DC.

The cameo of Aquaman made me impatient to see what he can do in the upcoming Justice League. Same thing with The Flash. Even though it wasn't the greatest movie ever, this at least piqued my excitement to see all these heroes come together. I just want to see how they portray Barry Allen's powers on the big screen!


This movie was nowhere near perfect, but at least it made me feel that I cannot wait to see future DCEU films and in my opinion that should be considered a victory for DC! I wish they would have skipped over some parts to give us more details on the larger DC Universe that we will be immersing ourselves in the future (like where's Robin, maybe a certain Martian, or some more villains). I know they tried to setup the larger universe, but I would have liked some smaller intimate details on certain individuals also.

Wonder Woman's role in the movie will help her solo movie by making it a must-see after her performance in BvS. Bruce started out as someone that was nothing but a bitter douche. Luckily, they made strives into turning him into someone that will be vital in the upcoming future and the hero that we need. In my mind, they made Superman every bit the hero that we all know he is and I am so glad they accomplished it. This movie wasn't perfect, but at least it made me super-excited to see other upcoming films and I'm glad that they delivered on that front!

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Batman v Superman is now in theaters!

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