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Supernatural is the longest running show on the CW with one of the largest fan bases in the world. With parodies, cons dedicated specifically to the show, and a following that is hard to match, getting to have a moment with any of the cast is pretty amazing. During Salt Lake Comic Con's Fan Experience, I was able to have a moment with Erica Carroll (Hannah/Caroline Johnson) and Osric Chau who (Kevin Tran) and get their thoughts on the supernatural and what they like about working within the fandom.

If you were to have a demon version from a story or mythos appear on the show, who would it be?

Osric: I think demon versions of ourselves would be pretty scary don't you think?
Erica: Yeah, I definitely think a demon version of me would be fun to play around with

Osric, I know you were in the Hillywood Supernatural Parody. How was shooting that for you?

Osric: You know it's incredible, we shoot [Supernatural] with so many different people and settings, and with that parody it was all just these two girls.[To Erica] Have you seen it?
Erica: Yeah it's hilarious
Osric: I wish you had been there for the convention it was literally just us herding everyone into this room in front of the camera and asking them to dance for 30 seconds and we got most of the cast in the video. It was great, shooting with them in Vegas. They loved it here [in Salt Lake].

Are there any projects we can look forward to from you guys aside from Supernatural? Any you are most proud of?

Erica: Well, actually I am in a show at the moment that is VERY different from "Supernatural". It's on the Hallmark channel so it's like the purest, sweetest, cleanest, loveliest storyline. It's kind of like "Little House on the Prairie". It's so nice because the whole family can sit down and watch, it's called "When Calls the Heart". I also just filmed this movie called "Insomnia" which will be out this summer and that is going to be INTENSE.
Osric: That sounds more my speed.... Honestly as an actor most of the time I don't feel like I am contributing much, I feel like a puppet, like "Ok I'll do exactly what you need me to do." Sometimes you get to play around with it but the projects that I am most proud of I have a role in producing. They don't turn out nearly as good because I have a fraction of the crew and money.... But I did this one short film called "Temple" that I'm really proud of, we put it up already and it's... I'm really proud of it, I'm gonna try to turn it into a feature film. I'm also trying to produce a football movie funnily enough. I've never played football but... we just finished the script and I really like that.

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