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So, I just got back from seeing the 6 o’clock showing of Batman vs Superman, and needless to say I am not impressed. This was supposed to be the beginning of something incredible, something that could rival Marvel. I have to say, you can tell that this project was rushed. The story is so fragmented, if there is an actual story to follow to begin with. To give you a better idea of what I mean, imagine someone hands you 4 puzzles, but only 3-5 pieces of each puzzle, then they tell you to make a coherent picture. Needless to say, it was not worth the build.

Batman was incredible; Ben Affleck truly shuts the mouths of anyone who doubted. He brought the character to life--and not just Batman but also Bruce Wayne. The fight scenes were phenomenal and fast paced. They truly did a great job with what seemed to be the performance that stole the show.


Like I said before, the writing and story was just the worst and I will give you an example. It is true, that the desert scene was a “Dream segment”. Here is the question, the creatures are in fact the creatures that we know to be associated with Darkseid, so how does Bruce have dreams about creatures that he has no knowledge of?! If it was a vision, then why not explain how Bruce can have the power of foresight?

This was not the only time this occurred in the film so be prepared!!!



Ok, so Bruce has another “Dream/Vision” this time it is while in the batcave waiting for the decryption of a file he stole from LexCorp. This one has the first real cameo--the scarlet speedster in a time vortex warning Bruce that he is on the right track with Superman becoming a threat and that the key is Lois. During this sequence The Flash says, “It’s me, The Flash, this is a new suit.” A suit, by the way, that looks like an Iron Man suit with a metal motorcycle helmet. This segment is not explained. If you do not know who the Flash is, then you are not going to put 2 and 2 together. Also, if these are not visions then how do you explain Bruce having a dream of someone he has no clue exists? These things NEED to make sense, you cannot have these fragments unless there is explanation to pull the viewer into an understanding of what is actually going on. Outside of these specific problems it was really cool to see them give a great nod to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Honestly the only motivation and story they gave Batman was that he witnessed firsthand the destruction that Superman caused 2 years prior and he feels it is up to him to take the threat out completely. Pretty one dimensional but serves its purpose for the film.

I’ll get off of Batman’s nuts for a min and move on.

Lex, oh dear Lex. I will not sugar coat this, I hated the take on Lex. Around a third of the way through the film, Lex starts to stutter and have difficulty expressing normal communication. It seemed that he was slowly losing his mind with absolutely no explanation. Later in the movie, we find that Lex knows who all the players are in the game, secret identity and all. Again, with no explanation. Not a single thing is really explained concerning Lex. His motivation in the film was never really explained. Batman believed that Superman could wipe us out, all you need is one bad day. Lex on the other hand really didn’t have a motivation other than, he is an alien. He seems to have a one track mind and it is only what is right in front of him. Mix The Joker with Lex and give him a “genius/asshole” teenage personality.

Moving on…

Wonder Woman, she was there. She said a few lines. They made her look taller. She uses the lasso. Meh.


So the way they played the cameos, outside of the one earlier explained, was through the files stolen. There were files on meta-humans that Luthor Corp accompanied with video clips. These cameos were ridiculous and did nothing to excite anyone in the theatre.

Cyborg: This clip was his father working on saving his life with just his head and part of his chest in the background. As the clip continues the substance that will ultimately make up his cybernetic body activates and begins to connect to him creating his body but the video shuts off. Therefore we see nothing. If you are not a fan, you would have no clue who or what this was.

The Flash: the video clip is of Barry in the corner store grabbing food. He grabs some milk when someone tries to rob the clerk; this is shown in a split screen surveillance clip. We see in the split screen that he moves so fast that he takes care of the robber and makes it back to his still hovering milk. NOT IN SUIT!! The problem is that when you do a split screen, you have to give the audience time to process everything that has happened. I noticed the robber was completely taken out, meaning Barry took him to the police station, I was later told that the milk hovered the entire time. Split screen divides attention, so why give us such a small frame of time using this option?

Aquaman: This is an underwater clip looking into a cave, I’m guessing a scientific exploration. Inside the cave you see glowing eyes coming closer to the camera and out of the shadows we get our first and only look at Aquaman. He has his staff/spear in hand, jabbing the camera. The shot zooms back and he breaks the sound barrier under water. This is from a distance so yet again, not epic.

How is this supposed to excite us in this rushed journey to the JLA movie.




Super man “Dies”. I am not gonna tell you how.

ALL OF THIS, is within this one movie, and we are expected to care. There was one Superman movie in this universe, Batman just met him, Wonder Woman just met him. Two years have passed since the events in Man Of Steel and there is no clear deep connection between Kal and Lois, no other superheroes are present and yet we are supposed to care.

At the end of the movie Batman tells Wonder Woman that they need to find the other meta-humans because they will need to fight, she asks why and he simply says that he has a feeling. So that is the big push to the JLA movie.

Near the close, Lois throws a hand full of dirt on Clarks casket and walks away, the camera pans to the dirt on the casket and right before the credits, the dirt begins to hover.

Lex is now in jail and shaved bald, apparently going crazy. Batman, in true ninja form, shows up and pushes him against the wall with his bat brander in hand. Lex starts spouting crazy gibberish about “He is coming, not from here but from space.” Batman punches the wall leaving a bat symbol and vanishes. There is a painting in Lex’s home of angels and demons. after his rant to batman ends the camera zooms in to the painting that has a demon, the demon seems to be made of stone. This is a nod I am guessing of Darksied seeing as his face resembles the same.


To clear this entire debacle up, we still do not know or understand the direction of the universe, we do not get any clear connection as to how they will truly come together and form the JLA minus Superman. Honestly, if there are no more Superman movies before JLA, where and how will they bring him back in a way that makes sense? Especially seeing as the dirt hovered before he was even buried. So within the small time, maybe a week, they are already telling us that Superman Lives, but he is going to be buried with no sunlight reaching him….

I wanna end this on a high note. Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted this to be a success but you can clearly tell that time was not taken when creating this. On the plus side, the fight scenes were incredible. The fight between Superman and Batman was excellent, exactly how you would in vision it. Batman has a few other fights that were phenomenal, including the “dream sequence.” Wonder Woman fought at the end against Doomsday but it was very choppy with lots of cuts. She uses the lasso right before the defeat of Doomsday, which was pretty neat to see but clearly just pandering to the fans.

Honestly, the disappointment comes from knowing that these characters and this story deserved more.

This was quite simply a disappointing build to what will seemingly be mediocrity at best.


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