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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has officially come out and the DCEU is now in full motion. A lot of people, however, have been saying that DC is still too dark for their taste. Well as it turns out, these people won't have to suffer any longer, because they're getting that lightheartedness they long for in The Justice League Part One. Yes, most of us have already heard about a lighter-toned Justice League film compared to Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman. The only thing we didn't know was how director Zack Snyder was going to pull this off. It turns out we might have our answer now from his producer wife Deborah Snyder, who spoke to IGN and said that our speedster The Flash will help lift the mood:

"'Justice League' is a little bit lighter because some of these characters — you have Flash, tend to be a little more comedic, I'd say."

It's interesting to hear that The Flash will serve as a sort of comedic relief for The Justice League. I mean, we all know Flash is a very lighthearted character, full of optimism, but just how much of that will he need to bring to lighten up the mood? It might actually be that easy as Zack Snyder put it that Batman V Superman is a darker movie than Justice League. Here is what he had to say about the two:

"One of the things that lightens it is having The Flash or having characters that are more optimistic. This movie is, in particular, two characters who are in a crisis of conscience which sort of draws them together."

That being said, whether you've been enjoying or hating the DCEU, it seems there are some changes coming. These are for the better, in my opinion, and can really elevate the cinematic universe to where it needs to be. Don't get me wrong, I love the dark storytelling, but it can get rather boring — fast. It's not a bad thing to throw in some heart and cheer every now an then. I'm excited to know which characters, such as The Flash, Shazam and Green Lantern, we might just get.

Both Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman maintain a strong, dark tone throughout, but a lighter tone would have been refreshing. It should be interesting to see the more serious, darker members of the league interacting with the more lighthearted characters. DC doesn't have to be serious all the time for us to like it.

'The Justice League Part One' opens in theaters November 2017.


What do you think of The Flash lightening up the mood for 'The Justice League'?


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