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Warning! The following article may contain spoilers related to the newly released Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

That's it! Another film from this year's 'To See' list can finally be crossed off. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally been released however it has been accompanied by a mixture of reviews, both good and bad. Some critics are claiming that it is one of the greatest superhero films to ever be created while others are saying that the hype prior to the film's release just lead to an epic, disappointing fall. Personally, I don't want to sway the audience with my opinions, go watch it and write your own review however, for me, 8 thoughts crossed my mind while watching the film.

1) Right in the feels, every time.

Okay, I think most of us are sick and tired of all the Batman origin stories. How many times are we going to watch a poor boy's parents get killed before his very eyes? Batman V Superman did not spare us the story, however, the way the scenes were filmed, switching from night of the murder to the funeral gave a new perspective to the Waynes' deaths. With all the small details also mixed in you cannot help but feel for the young Bruce Wayne all over again.

2) What in the world....?

WTF; those are 3 words I found myself saying quite often throughout the film. From levitating children to a random horse running through an interplanetary war zone, I often found myself just looking at the screen and wondering, what in the world is going on here?

3) The most amazing entrance ever!

I absolutely loved Batman's entrance. It was breathtaking. The dark music that played in the background, the uncertain steps of the police officers as they entered the villain's headquarters and the slaves' echoing words of a saving devil would make anyone believe that the true villain of the film were about to appear. Instead Batman makes one of his most iconic entrances ever, amidst surprised screams from the audiences. His entrance alone gives us some indication of how dark the Dark Knight is in this adaptation.

4) Well the secret identities didn't last long

Part of an awesome superhero film is the equally awesome secret identities. However, much to my dismay, this secret was almost immediately revealed between Batman and Superman, upon first meeting as their alter egos. It isn't much of a secret when your enemy knows who you are, is it?

5) Flash and Aquaman and Cyborg, oh my!

There is a brief scene which shows the true dawn of justice. For a few brief moments we, the audience, catch a small glimpse of three of the most anticipated Justice League members ever: Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. However, sadly, for now this is all we will get to see of these amazing heroes.

6) It's like a shampoo advert

Aquaman's flowing hair is something you don't forget in a hurry. In the glimpses I mentioned previously in point 5, we are shown snippets of the potential powers of Flash and Cyborg. For Aquaman all we see is him looking at the camera while his gorgeous locks flow in the underwater currents like some shampoo advert. I know Aquaman is powerful but I didn't know he had fabulous hair as well.

7) Wonder Woman finally arrives

It was 2 hours into the film that the most anticipated entrance finally happened, albeit for a total of 10 minutes, and it was to save both Batman and Superman's butts. You may think with all the promotion surrounding Wonder Woman that she'd have a bigger role in the film. Sadly, for most of it she was just giving poor Bruce Wayne grief by making his job harder and eventually turns up to get Batman and Superman out of a catastrophic pinch.

8) But there's going to be a Justice League film...

Ok so this might be the biggest spoiler in the film so I'm going to tread carefully here. Let me just say that from all the superheroes shown in the movie one doesn't make it to the end. For the last few moments of the film, fans must watch this superhero's funeral while a simple thought runs through their minds: If there is going to be a Justice League movie this person must, surely, just be playing dead. I'm not going to elaborate if they were right or wrong but it sort of diminishes the effect if you ask me.

I am a fan not a hater. I've eagerly waited for the trailers and little revelations like any other fan but based on my own experience with the Batman V Superman film, when it comes to the story it was rather disappointing, considering the hype. Although the amazing action scenes did not fail to try to make up for this little glitch I think I can say, and I quote Rip here, it was like watching men of steel die and dark knights fall.


What did you think about Batman Vs Superman?


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