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This weekend is historic and monumental!

Besides being Easter Weekend, this weekend marks the release of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)! Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman sees the Son of Krypton clash with the Bat of Gotham!

Comic book fans everywhere have been waiting years for this movie, and the chance to finally see two of DC's giants battle on the big screen for the first time!

Now that the movie is finally here, and I've seen it, I can finally tell the whole world that this is...something.

Something good? Something bad? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. That's because Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, at its core, is something very... confusing. In order to accurately collect all my thoughts, and truly determine how I feel about this movie and where it stands for me, I've made a list.

A list of the several good and bad things in this movie, that I will present to you in an all-new installment of Pros N' Cons!

In this series, I take a form of media (or media news) and talk about what I like and don't like about it. I look at the pros and cons, and see if either outnumber or outweigh the other. Think of this as a sort of review of BvS, where I highlight the moments that made me go "Yes!" and the moments that made me scream "No!". With a little bit of scenes that made me yell "What?! Why?!" thrown in the mix as well!

So without further ado, here are the pros and cons of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, there be spoilers beyond this point!


1. Comic Book References Galore!

The Dark Knight Returns pose!
The Dark Knight Returns pose!

There were a LOT of Easter Eggs in this movie! As a comic book fan, I love that! We saw in the trailers that the film borrows heavily from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight graphic novel trilogy - thanks to Batman's armored suit and the image above.

But after seeing the movie, I can tell you that those aren't even the coolest easter eggs in it. From Jason Todd, to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Riddler reference, to a callback to Action Comics #1 (Superman's comic debut), the comic book references were everywhere in this film!

If you love to scavenge movies with your eyes, looking for any and every awesome Easter Egg you can find, you're going to have your work cut out for you with this one.

2. The Incredible Visuals!

If you're going to have a large event, a spectacle on the scale of Superman facing off against Batman, you've got to make sure it looks good. Luckily, Zack Snyder knows how to make visually stunning films!

From the costumes, to the environment, you'll find yourself appreciating just how pretty this movie is!

3. Jesse Eisenberg's Performance!

Jesse Eisenberg in BvS
Jesse Eisenberg in BvS

I'll admit, I was not expecting to like Jesse Eisenberg in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at all. I was honestly expecting him to be the worst part of this film. Not that I have any problem with Eisenberg, he's a great actor. He just wasn't hooking me in as much as I wanted him to.

But after seeing the film, I have to say that Jesse Eisenberg was one of my favorite parts about it! His character is so crazy and so neurotic that you can't help but be reeled by everything he says and does!

He comes off as a charming and maniacal psychopath, and that is a character that audiences will really pay attention to!

4. Batfleck!

Ben Affleck as Batman in BvS
Ben Affleck as Batman in BvS

While we're on the topic of casting choices that were unanimously abhorred, here's Ben Affleck as Batman. In all honesty, I was never that much against Batfleck, but I didn't expect him to be better than Christian Bale was.

I can now gladly say that he's proved me and the rest of the world wrong! Ben Affleck does a great job of portraying an old, hardened and disgruntled Bruce Wayne with a license to kill (one that he uses often)!

I was completely satisfied with his performance, and honestly can't wait to see what Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns do with the solo Batman movie! Oops, I mean that "mystery project" they're working together on. Wonder what that could be..

5. Wonder Woman!

Yet ANOTHER casting decision that fans did not like! When Warner Bros announced that Gal Gadot was being cast as Wonder Woman, the internet was sent into a frenzy, and I'll admit to being located somewhere within that frenzy.

Regardless, Gadot proved everyone wrong by not only not being the movie's worst part, but actually being one of the bright spots of the film! Plus, Lasso of Truth. Nuff' said.

6. The Fight Scenes!

Another thing Zack Snyder is particularly good at, besides visuals, is fight choreography. This certainly shows in Batman v. Superman, as most of the fight scenes were pretty spectacular!

There's of course the titular battle between Bats and Supes, which is great to look at and surprisingly evenly matched. Then there's what I consider to be the best fight scene in the entire movie, when Batman is in a warehouse taking on a whole gang of trained criminals!

It's no surprise that a lot of dudes get punched in this film, but that scene to me was really well-done, and was actually the defining moment that made me love Batfleck!


1. What Is The Narrative?!

Superman is unhappy
Superman is unhappy

So you may have read somewhere that the plot of BvS is very hard to follow. Critics have made sure to mention this in their reviews, as a movie is only as strong as its narrative.

Now, I wouldn't say the plot is hard to follow in this film, it's just that it's very...scrambled. Several jump-cuts, odd editing choices, and a lot of scenes that don't really seem to go anywhere make for a very poorly-constructed narrative.

It isn't so much the plot that's hard to follow, rather the way it's presented to the audience is all kinds of confusing! As an example, I'll try and explain a scene that, in all honesty, still confuses me. As Batman is in his Batcave, decoding Lex Luthor's hard drive, the scene suddenly switches to another where Batman is in the desert. This is the infamous Knightmare scene seen in the trailers.

Another great easter egg courtesy of Darkseid!
Another great easter egg courtesy of Darkseid!

As you might have guessed, this is a dream sequence. One where Batman is looking for kryptonite in a post-apocalyptic world run by Superman and his army of soldiers. After waking up from this dream, he comes face to face with what I'm 90% sure is a time-traveling Flash (it isn't made clear).

This possibly Flash tells Batman that he was "right about him" (him maybe being Superman. Again, not clear). After that, Batman...wakes up. Yes, you read that correctly, Batman wakes from a which he woke up from a dream. Also, The Flash can apparently enter dreams now...?

After that Inception-style "dream within a dream" thing, Batman goes back to hating Superman. As I said, it's not a confusing plot, it's just presented in a largely confusing and complex way. Which, in that case, does make it a confusing plot. Confused?

2. Too Many Unanswered Questions!

Batman is confused
Batman is confused

Not only was the plot extremely convoluted, it also left a lot more questions than it answered! I left the movie with more questions than I thought I would ever have, and that just isn't good. For example, here are a few of the questions I had when walking out of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice:

  • Why is the world just now hearing of Batman if he's been operating for 20 years?
  • Why do people think Superman shot those people in Africa? Superman doesn't use guns.
  • But Batman sure does! Why is Batman so angry at Superman for potentially being a killer, when it's made pretty clear that Batman doesn't mind killing random goons via explosions and turrets?
  • What was Lex's plan? Have Superman and Batman fight, and then what? No matter who wins, they're probably going to immediately go after Lex afterwards.
  • How does Lex's blood plus Zod's corpse equal Doomsday? Seriously, how?
  • Was that the Flash? Seriously, I have no idea! Who was that?!

Those are the six burning questions I had after watching this film! It's one thing to leave things open to interpretation or to mystery, it's another to simply leave things unanswered and have your audience completely bewildered. If you want some more unanswered questions, you can read 75 good ones by clicking here.

3. That's Not Lex Luthor...

Jesse Eisenberg did a great job in this movie, but there's a reason I didn't mention that he was cast as Lex Luthor when listing his performance as a Pro. That's because while his performance is pretty praise-worthy, his performance as Lex is not.

That may sound confusing, but think of it this way: If you handed me a pizza-flavored chip, I'd love it, I'd thank you, I'd even ask for more. But as much as I'll love them, I always know...that they're not pizza. GIVE ME PIZZA DC! GIVE ME PIZZA!!

If that odd analogy didn't explain it well, I'm basically saying that while Eisenberg did a great job acting in the film, his character shared more in common with The Riddler than he did Lex Luthor.

4. We've Heard All The Best Lines!

Trailers these days always give out something important to the movie, whether it's a plot point or a really good quote. In the case of Batman v. Superman, it's both. Not only do we see most of the battle between Batman and Superman, and the battle between the Trinity and Doomsday, in the trailer, we also hear almost all of the great lines!

From "Do you bleed?" to "Devils come from above", all of the really good lines in BvS fell flat simply because we've already heard them countless times in the trailer. Considering this movie is two hours and 30 minutes long, it might not sound possible that almost every good piece of dialogue was used in the trailers. But unfortunately, it's true.

5. The Most Pointless Death!

Here it is, the biggest spoiler! If you've read up to this point without having seen the movie, and want to at least experience the ending fresh, DO NOT continue reading!

So Batman v. Superman pays homage to one of the biggest comic book events of all time, the death of Superman. In a heroic final act, Superman takes a spear made of pure kryptonite and stabs Doomsday through the chest. Unfortunately, Doomsday manages to puncture Superman's chest with one of his bone spears, causing both of them to die.

This is a very emotional and impacting event that should be absolutely heartbreaking. And it would have been, if it didn't fall flat for two reasons. The first is that DC has made it no secret that Superman is going to be in the Justice League movies, the first of which is coming out in 2017.

The Justice League concept art
The Justice League concept art

But alright, even if has been confirmed that Supes will be in Justice League Part One, that doesn't mean everyone knows that. Fair, but the death of Superman also falls flat because in the very last moment of the film, they symbolize that he didn't die at all.

Because of this, what should have been an emotional ending for me was just 15 minutes of pointlessness.

The Verdict?

So, now that the Pros and Cons have been listed, it's time to tally up! The Pros definitely outnumber the Cons by one, but I don't just look at the number. I also look at the weight of each Pro and each Con.

BvS is chock full of awesome comic references, stunning visuals and fight scenes, and great performances by the cast! But, it's also filled with a crazy convoluted plot that tries to do way too much, a ton of unanswered questions, and a bunch of great lines that were unfortunately overused in the trailers.

Great visuals and great casting simply don't excuse a poorly-constructed plot that leaves us with more questions than answers. For that, I'm afraid the Cons win.

But hey, don't just take my word for it. Go out and see Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice now! Then, voice your opinion in the comments section below!

Thanks For Reading!


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