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For those of you that haven't had the chance too see the new Superman vs Batman movie yet, and let's face it that's most of you, I would ask you this.

Are you a Superman and /or Batman fan?

Because if you like either. Don't go.

This movie has truly butchered Batman for an entire generation. He no longer stands as a symbol of hope but of fear and destruction for most of the movie and its utterly ... bizzaro.

A movie of uncertainty and blatant plot holes captivated us just for as long as the fight scenes, which weren't very long. Half the time the movie didn't seem to know where it was going and the blatant destruction of the beloved batman character is almost unforgivable.

Bruce and Clark facing off in the dark.
Bruce and Clark facing off in the dark.

Its true, he has some cool gadgets but the man I watched last night was NOT Batman. Wonder Woman was another lame attempt to add depth to a universe we care little about that tried, and failed, to make us fall in love with a barley explained new hero and the fleeting small glimpses of the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman left us wondering if we really even gave a F#@k!

Lex Luthor is simply reduced to a character of insane thoughts. A man of ticks and outbursts of random thought rather than a mastermind with genius that would give Batman and Superman a run for their money. The most sane thing Lex does all movie is play some basketball with a bunch of bright young stars. I'm sure he wanted to kill them all really.

This obviously isn't the biggest thing wrong with the movie, but having someone as famously villainous, such as Lex Luthor, and portraying him as a drunken with power and crazed lunatic makes me wonder if the writers of this epic had ever picked up a comic before, or even looked into the ever expansive world they were too portray on the screen?

It's pretty clear that the budget of the movie was spent on the final scene between the heroes and Doomsday. A fight I might add that was over quicker than the fight with Zod in man of steel and that was almost way too easy for the three heroes.




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