ByTANISHQ SAYRE, writer at

First of all batman vs superman : dawn of justice is an awsome movie and perfect movie for those who follow the whole series of justice league and other DC series. Ofcource Jack snyder knows how to frame superheroes.

Lex luthor created doomsday from General Zod and they started a war which unfortunately they lost. But at alast at prison lex luthor just said that they are coming from space.

Justice League has one powerful villain and yes!! he is from space.

And his name is Darkseid.

that means maybe Darkseid is coming with his team Darkseid's Elite and and his main power, the Omega Beams. thats creepy but we all learned that "Good always wins over evil". that mean superheroes will win.

Darksied may be appear at Justice League part 1.

but before this there are more to come.

so enjoy all parts and go to your nearby theaters to enjoy Batman Vs Superman : Dawn Of Justce.


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