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First Friends, now LOST. It certainly is a musical month for our favourite TV shows that are no longer with us. Should we expect the upcoming Prison Break revival to come with a Buffy inspired musical episode too?

Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino is sending us back to the island to relive the magic of LOST's six season saga in a concert dedicated to the show's music.

The show's composer took to Twitter to break the news.

Whilst not exactly known for having a 'theme tune', LOST could certainly pack an punch with its heart wrenching character deaths/reunions. Who could forget Juliet and the bomb, or Charlie's 'Not Penny's Boat' swansong? Accompany this with Giacchino's emotional score and you can now see why LOST is going in to concert.

Giacchino's other works include scores for Pixar's Up, as well as the likes of Jurassic World, Inside Out and other J.J. Abrams projects like Alcatraz and Star Trek. Details of the concert remain sparse, but we are holding out for a rendition of Drive Shaft's greatest hits and a Charlie Pace cameo. What we do know is the venue and that it will be some point later this year.

So where is this concert? Well Los Angeles of course, the place where all our 'Losties' were heading makes the perfect backdrop for a concert about the show. Whilst not exactly a reunion, it is fantastic to see the ABC show revived in some form. Joint showrunner of the show, Damon Lindelof, has always said:

I think there will be more Lost...But I don't think it's gonna come from us. My guess is that some other creative team will come in and take their creative spin on this content, which is really exciting

This May marks six years since the finale aired, so could news of a cast get together be next?

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