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Suicide Squad (2016), with Will Smith, Keke Palmer, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, The Rock, Cameron Boyce, Mila Kunis, Cara Deleveign - a massive task force of supervillains is recruited by Amanda Waller (Palmer) to subdue a crazed terror group led by Victor Zaz. AUGUST 5, 2016.

Justice League Part 1 Fire from Olympus (2017) - DC's most iconic superheroes unite against a mad man named Maxie Zeus (Tim Allen) and his monstrous associate Doomsday (Derek Mears) intending to destroy America. FALL 2017

Wonder Woman (2017), with Selena Gomez - a Amazonian warrior saves a WWII soldier from death and years later, they go to present day America where she has to subdue a monstrous feline known as Cheetah (Jennifer Stone) alongside him and his sister a random journalist (Dove Cameron). JUNE 2017


Capt. America: Civil War (2016), with Chris Evans, Robert Downy Jr, Cameron Boyce - Iron Man and Capt. America battle each other in epic rivalry. MAY 13 2016

Dr. Strange (2016) - a young man becomes a mystical hero when he has to save the world from a demon known as Nightmare. FALL 2016

Sinister Six, The (2016) - a group of six super villains unite. FALL 2016

Spider-Man (2017), with Cameron Boyce, Zendaya, Debby Ryan, Dean Norris, Will Smith - a high school senior becomes a spider super powered savior after being bitten by a radiated spider and must battle Green Goblin and Kraven the Hunter. JULY 2017

Fantastic 4 Legend of the Mole Man (2017) - the Fantastic 4 vs Mole Man and Diablo. SUMMER 2017

X-Men Apocalypse (2016) - a godly mutant threatens mankind. MAY 2016

Thor Ragnarok (2017) - Thor tries to save mankind from Loki and his newly returning forces. FALL 2017


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