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Anthony Borrelli

I went last night to see the movie I have been waiting years to see. In this post I will not spoil anything! After I got home from seeing this movie I began reading the horrible reviews it has received. I have to write this to defend this movie! Just like Lex Luthor says in the trailer about thoughts too big for little minds, this movie is too big for little minds.

There are several things I would like to address. Firstly, Ben Affleck is the best version of Batman I have ever seen in a live action movie. He is the rugged, no crap taking, truly tortured Batman that I wanted to see in the movie. So bravo Warner Bros. Secondly, many reviews are saying how serious this movie is, well yes it's serious! This is not the light hearted movie that fans have been given by Marvel! And guess what, it shouldn't be! You cannot compare this movie to Marvel, because like the comics the tones are completely different. This movie does justice to the tone of many DC comics and again as a comic fan, dark and gritty is what I want from a DC movie.

Another thing I would like to discuss is how crammed this movie is. In many reviews they use this point to cut the movie down. This is where the movie is too big for little minds. I'm sorry, but for once you may have to pay attention and actually think about the movie you are watching. Sure some parts may seem a little glossed over, but that's probably because doing so shouldn't be a problem. Although I am sure in the director's cut, which has been revealed to be closer to three hours long, I imagine they flesh out those issues a little more. DC is trying to build their cinematic world, and you know what? In my mind they did the best job they could! For as much material they jammed into this movie they did a good job! I would like to see a critic try to write a move that's starting a cinematic universe!

I only have a few more things to say. This movie is currently standing at a 31% on Rotten Tomatoes...meanwhile Sharknado stands at an 82%...need I say more about that rating system? I think not! This movie stays true to comics in many ways, sure they change some things, but I must say I have never seen a movie before this one that tried so hard to stick to it's source material! For the casual movie goer this may confuse them, but for a fan this movie is everything you you wanted it to be! My last comment is about Lex Luthor...he's a different take on the character, and only his first appearance, I am very excited to see where they take his character.

So do not pay any attention to the negative reviews, especially if you're a true fan! This movie is good! Keep an open mind and please do not get caught up in your preconceived notions of what superhero movies "need" to be like! So go see the movie, enjoy it, sit back and watch these amazing performances and the beginning of the DCU! Just be ready to open your mind and pay attention to the incredible movie you are witnessing.


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