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The comic book genre; it is now an ever growing oversaturated market. For 9 years now respectively we have had numerous new characters introduced into our lives. (not including XMEN) With Iron Man released in 2008, Marvel have started to build their own universe. While DC concentrated on other things. With Man of Steel released in 2013, it got mixed reviews and was comparable to Marvels more colourful offerings.

Fast forward to today and Batman v Superman was released here this morning at 00:01, After reading a few reviews I was worried. Marvel have stolen this market and have usually always hit on point with their films, Have DC messed up at their first real attempt?

Without ruining the film, this films beginning offers a great insight into Bruce Wayne's life and the repercussions from the Man of Steel's battle with Zod and how it's effected Gotham & our new Dark Knight.

It's pace is right; Snyder has nailed down the introduction to the new Batman right. This is the new chapter in the DC universe after all, People are complaining about how this Batman is. But people are forgetting he's a new Batman, forgot what you knew and take this Batman for what he is!

Superman's story is centred around Lex Luthor. I also feel Snyder has nailed down his introduction right. He has ultimately manipulated all the characters to gain. From the Terror plot, the weapons, the Kryptonite, the fight, Doomsday & the META humans. It's all linked and when you look at Snyder's offering of this villain it has more depth than any Marvel villain thus far & how can we complain about that?

The fight was small in comparison to Man of Steel's offerings but this is Batman, not Zod. With the threat Superman currently faces, its understandable that we all want this to be over & when it is, the team up is awesome! & the link to both mothers is undoubtedly awesome! it makes you feel for these heroes.

We then get what we've all waited for, the Wonder Woman grand entrance which doesn't let me down! I love her character, her outfit & I truly look forward to her solo film!

The Justice League teased! Yes! we get a huge dream sequence to which the Flash is running through time & has reached Batman to warn him, It was a huge moment in the film where I gripped my chair. I wanted more Justice League easter eggs & boy did we get them, with Batman hacking Luthor, he locates 3 META human videos, respectively with their logos representing their folders. We get a look at a cheeky Barry Allen in a shop, A Cyborg getting built by his father with a 'Star Labs' logo in the corner & Aquaman being discovered in the depths of the sea.

Doomsday was an enemy with great threat, & the way in which he was created was both well planned and thought out. This enemy was not the centre point but was a way in which to demonstrate, how deadly Luthor really is. It also showed how he shouldn't be tested.

This ultimately lead to the final events/fight. The fighting was awesome and ultimately full of destruction, the ending shocked pretty much everyone but, it ends up with Bruce Wayne needing to group the META's. With the consistent talk of Aliens, we can all only take a huge stab in the dark & assume Brainiac is imminent.

Why do I love this film? It's dark, introduces an Arkham Knight styled Batman to which Affleck executes perfectly. Marvel is a colourful cinematic universe which I love but DC's dark take on events with dry humour was a fresh take on the genre & was something I would watch again, they have setup the Justice League now & have made me want to see more of what DC has to offer!

Whats next on the DC tour bus? Well we visit the Joker & his crew in Suicide Squad, this film will be completely different & I am truly excited to see what DC can do with this new take on the genre as a whole.


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