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Okay, let's try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible.

I won't write an essay, I don't have the energy for that.

But I will say, that most people are right. About the editing and the "style over substance", about the trailer actually revealing a lot, about weird time allotments to the two main story lines and about the overall movie feeling ... it's weird, to say the least. The movie is two and a half hours long, but doesn't really feel like it, except for sometimes, but at the same time, it just rushes from point to point to point, and it feels really weird.

I can see why critics hate it.

But, I did have a great time, especially as a comic book fan, and will truly mean it when I say that most of the critics are being self-condescending know-it-all schmucks who are only highlighting the low points of the movie, and ignoring the rest.

The action looked great, which is probably an understatement. Unfortunately, the "Batman vs Superman" physical fight itself was pretty short in its entirety, but a whole lot of awesomeness altogether mashed up in a huge CGI fest. I never got confused as to who was doing what, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't on the edge of my secured theater seat, soaking wet from nerdgasm the entire duration of the fight and woohoo-ed every time the very Rocksteady-Arkham-ish Batman clashed fists with the sombre, gullible Superman.

The movie probably has THE best use of the Batmobile I've ever seen, and Batman himself is an absolute beast when dealing with humans. He is darker than you've been told though. Way, way, darker. He seems to have stopped caring.

The CGI-fest that was the finale was enjoyable and clear as well.

As for Lex, he really did swing between moods a LOT, he knew stuff that, going forward, is going to be really weird. There are people who say that the last things we hear him say in the movie seem out of place, however, there is an actual explanation for them and I do quite like it. Although, I would much rather have seen a point of reflection in between what caused him to say those words, and putting his evuuul planz into motion.

And yeah, as one of my friends pointed out after the watch, I'm now really weirded out with some of the stuff Lex Luthor knows in the movie. It's not even stuff he got to know during the movie, that I can buy (as said), it's the stuff he seems to have known all along and it's just.... weird.

But Jesse Eisenberg. Oh god, that actor. Suffice to say, his is one of the best performances you'll remember coming out of the theater. That, coupled with some of the memorable dialogues that pose the entire question of the movie itself, speaks for itself, when the Eisenberg Luthor in a suitably dark DC Extended Universe gets etched into your mind. Yes, there are some critics who are calling it somewhat "over-the-top", but I daresay, if that was over the top, then Heath Ledger's The Dark Knight performance should be considered in a parallel category, as well. A lot of metaphorical lines from Luthor staged the junctures that the movie tried to establish, regarding basic human morality.

Wonder Woman had 16 lines, some good, some meh. I can say that the "lol comedy" shot from the trailers makes way, WAY more sense when you see the movie, especially if you consider what is being said and the situation some of the characters were in just minutes before that happened. So props to them. Also, Gal Gadot looks wonderful. She is the new WW for me, undoubtedly.

Batman, oh wow, yes. So much YES. Give me a Batman movie now! Just... bring it! I'm positive this will shut off the Batfleck hate completely, what was left of it anyway. Ben Affleck earned that cowl. My only complaint is that he feels too much Ben Affleck-ish, as much identical to the Bruce Wayne that Affleck is. There's no seperate Bat persona. It's not exactly a complaint though, more of an observation, as most of the movie poses him as the morally damaged guy, who recovers by the end.

Superman ... I uh.... look man, he's not great. He looks okay, but he's not great, and he's got this weird face going whenever he gets in a fight. The CG aspects of him are great though, eyebeams and all. But Cavill just isn't that great. I'll say this though, the sheer dedication of him to become the Superman of the DCEU, may just make up for it, as he fits in perfectly. They also choose to do some stuff with the character that I doubt, and some stuff that's good. Overall, he leaves me with a feeling of eh.

I'm going to paraphrase John Campea on the whole "Zack Snyder yay or nay" debate, because I agree, Snyder is a great director and visionary, but he's just not that great of a storyteller.

There's some great stuff done, and the movie shifts a lot, tonally, as it starts out. The opening sequence is one of the best that I've ever seen, and gives off a very awesome and familiar Watchmen vibe, typically Snyder. Short fleeting shots, beautifully composed, that sequence left me expecting a masterpiece of the rest. But it quickly changes, unlike the earlier Watchmen or 300. We get to see different things going on, all to different styles of movies. One of my favorites was the Bruce Wayne and the humane perspective on some of the events in Metropolis from the three-year-old Man of Steel. It really does feel like a monster movie, or a really bleak and terrifying disaster movie. It's great, it's brilliant aaaaand it's gone, NEW STYLE!

And that's sort of what goes on for a lot of the movie, different character perspectives have different styles of movie attached to them, and I completely understand why. It's a technique used in writing, and, if pulled off, it works great. The problem is that it's not consistent and does cause some jarring when some scenes abruptly change, or are strangely matched against each other.

But I'll be damned if I don't say that I absolutely loved the style Snyder brought to this. God! It was so good! There are shots in there that'll make comic book readers especially happy! (Or, well, The Dark Knight Returns and one other comic).

There's probably so much more I could write about, it feels big, there's plenty of stuff in there that doesn't need to be, the story is poorly told, they fail the subtle setup of a universe and kinda just force it down your throat. There's SO much CGI, but it never gets that confusing, there are weird character decisions that only get weirder and Superman is eh and we don't get to see enough of what some characters do to get where they end up etc. etc.

But ....

Batman was GREAT, Wonder Woman did good, I loved Lexie Luthenberg. He does feel justifiably insane and gets increasingly scary. Also, they did a good choice on how to deal with hair vs. no hair. It makes sense.

And, most importantly, I did enjoy myself.

Out of 10?

And I take "out of 10"s seriously...

Maybe an 8, which would probably down to a 7.5 once my hype has passed. A better told story and more well written characters probably would've given it a nine.

But I had fun.

Not as much fun as Avengers but... maybe, Thor: The Dark World kinda fun? I didn't get that invested, but I enjoyed the romp, even if it sort of fell apart when you look at the seams the wrong way.

Feel free to ask me anything about the movie, please try to keep the comments spoiler free for those who have not seen it yet.

And do PM me if there's stuff in there that's way too spoilery, I did try to keep it spoiler free.

EDIT: Forgot the music!


Zimmer is on point and I LIKE it!

And might as well squidge in a final "would I see it again?"

Probably... I could maybe even, go see it again tomorrow or the day after, I did really enjoy it! But as I said, there's a bunch of stuff that makes me question if the ticket money is worth it once the hype has passed (a ticket in Kolkata, India on the morning show, opening day cost me about 300 rupees, close to $4.48).

But I'd totally watch it with friends on the couch, where we could talk aloud about all the awesome stuff that happens in it, discuss things we think stuff might represent and how drop dead gorgeous some shots are. All in all, pretty awesome and definitely worth a one-time watch.


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