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Since there has been a lot of negative as well as positive thoughts regarding the film, I felt after finally sitting through it I could give my 2 cents. Now, I am a huge Batman fan and I had my withdrawals about this movie but I was still going to watch it. Why? Because I needed to.

All you really need to know is that you should not listen to movie critics, reviewers, or websites like Rotten Tomatoes. No offense to any of them but if you really have interest in this movie, then you should go see it for yourself and decide whether or not you share their opinion if it concerns you.

I won't make this long or involve any direct spoils but what I will say is this; this movie is not winning an Oscar but it doesn't have to be considered worth it. This movie isn't Mad Max or The Revenant and it's not supposed to be. This was a movie that was waited for and one that people had hope in for 3 different generations of fans. That by itself and the fact that this movie is REAL now should be more than enough for you to want to see it.

Could it have been better? Yes. But ever movie has the potential of being better than what it is in the end.

This movie isn't meant to capture you in this array of tremendous acting, it's meant to encompass you in a bubble of joy. I kid you not, the first scene with the 3 of them together, fighting side by side, every inch of my childhood came rushing back to me. Every bit of a fan I am of not just Batman but of the DC universe in general was filled with an unbelievable sense of amazement. The same feeling I got when they starting making all the Marvel movies one after another and doing fantastic jobs with it. This fact alone should give you, as a fan, enough will power to neglect the naysayers and put your own take to it.

This isn't going to win movie of the year in the terms of what makes a movie to some people but it will definitely win you over if you give it a chance. Trust me.

Ok, one small spoiler; prepare for a very dark Batman and keep that in mind.


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