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…. DCEU very own Captain of Saving Hoes or if you want to be less melodramatic Superman.

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost I am not a Marvel movie fan girl… (Doctor Strange and Power Man and Iron Fist are the only Marvel I read) I liked Winter Soldier as a movie the rest… not so much. Lol their formula does not a good story make, always. Entertaining yes but I am a story lover. Big explosion, neverending quips and characters dying but not really… Yeah… So wonder when Quicksilver is coming back…. Inhumans anyone?

So DC is following Marvel into the world of team movies this weekend and I could go because I have Sunday off but I hesitate to do so. Sure I wanna see Wonder Woman (Who is slaying it all over the place… YES QUEEN:) … But that’s about it. Ben is Miller’s Batman… Nothing wrong with that and I can’t wait to see his solo movie where he directs it. He’s grown as an actor and Suicide Squad I CAN’T WAIT! But back to BvS and the Captain.

Now I know me and I disliked so many things about Man of Steel but at least he punched someone… Superman Returns…. There is no forgiveness for that movie… lol. MoS wasn’t Superman…. Crying like a little boy to mommy #2 instead of picking himself up and dusting himself off to do his job because of the people crying out for a hero…

So fast forward to now. Superman grown up… That is what Zack said…. Well I asked a friend who was more hype to see BvS than me to let me know how it was. And yes I saw Rotten Tomatoes review numbers…. But I don’t believe in giving numbers. I just wanna know how you felt about what you saw and well… She went in hype and come out telling me about the Captain of Saving Hoes.

So as you probably know I like SMWW… A duh… But first and foremost I love good stories. So as a SMWW fan can I enjoy the only two Superman’s that were ever made (in my world… Reeves for life) yes. Can I enjoy the Adventures of Lois and Clark because Dean Cain was the Superman I grew up with yup… You wanna know why… Yes the Captain is there but he still does his job…. Saving people.

Back to my friend… So she tells about how good Bats is and how amazing Gal is and I’m like ok it might no be so bad. Then the captain comes up and oh did he show himself.

So spoiler…. You have been warned….. No really I’m warning you….

Superman is battling LOTR’s troll aka Doomsday with Wonder Woman…. Stops in the middle of the battle with Doomsday LOTR troll thingy…. I means stops mid battle to go save Lois…. I thought she was joking. Then I asked someone else… and yup in the middle of a battle in which humanity could be destroyed if this thing isn’t stopped he decided saving Lois was more important than helping Wonder Woman saving humanity from total destruction from LOTR troll Doomsday…. (This was save #4 I believe…. Strong feminist icon…. Right….) Leaving Wonder Woman to fight Doomsday by herself… Yes Wonder Woman can handle it but damn…. Cold Blooded.Then took time while Doomsday is still not dead to tell Lois I love you…. Dude Doomsday is still not dead…. Time and place for that shit…. Priorities my friend… Saving humanity first then you can do lovey dovey shit after the monster is no longer destroying shit…

I was like… So Injustice it the future they are going with Lois dies we get evil overlord Superman because he can’t function without saving Lois 24/7…. Not the noble Superman from Kingdom Come who walks away from humanity not because she died but because humanity wanted violence and he was like I am not Judge Dredd.

I’m calling it JL Superman gets controlled by Darkseid and only Lois’s “love” will bring him back…. Not him fighting it himself and overcoming it with his own willpower… Slow clap for you Zack… You made Superman even more of a useless bitch than you already did. And they wonder why Superman is getting dragged so bad….

So I find myself in a dilemma… Do I want to sit through another not really Superman movie again just to see Wonder Woman? Cause that isn’t my Superman. My Superman lives by Mr. Spock’s words… The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few or the one. He would never put the needs of one person he knows or cares about over the needs of saving humanity.

You wanna know why I love SMWW…. That right there. If Diana was in trouble and he heard her…. I knows who he is with her. He knows he wouldn’t be the man she loved if he was a hero who stopped doing his job, his function to save her. People first.

So I got sometime to think about but you don’t have to take my word for. If you enjoyed yourself then I’m happy for you. To each there own. Some DC fans and Marvel fan should learn that fact. Like what you like and ignore the rest…. At least I can enjoy Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Those look good…

And I thought all the Batgod would ruin this for me but nope it was Superman’s Captain that did… You learned nothing DC & WB…. shame…


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