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Warning: This Article Contains MAJOR Spoilers For 'Batman v Superman'!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is completely splitting fans of the genre. Many claim it to be the "greatest comic movie ever," while others proclaim it as a complete mess of a movie. After seeing it I can understand both ways of thinking, but there were definitely some things that bugged me. BvS doesn't do a great job at explaining to regular movie goers what exactly is going on, it is only hardcore DC fans that get the plot, but even as a fan, there were a few things that went completely over my head.

One of the biggest things that I missed, and didn't realize until the credits, is that they decided to kill Superman's best friend, Jimmy Olsen — he dies in the first 20 minutes of the film. No... I'm not joking.

Jimmy Olsen Died As A Nameless Side Character

Watching the movie, I had no idea that Michael Cassidy was playing Jimmy Olsen. It isn't until the credits start rolling that I realized they just killed off one of the most important characters in Superman's life.

Jimmy Olsen is to Superman what Bucky is to Captain America, he is VITAL to Superman. If you still don't remember who I'm talking about, Jimmy Olsen was sent undercover with Lois Lane to interview terrorists, and was found to have a beacon inside his camera, for which he was executed. That's it... literally, that's Jimmy Olsen's story in the DCEU.

At first I was very skeptical that who we saw was Jimmy Olsen, but even on the IMDb page he is listed as such:

Why Would They Kill Such An Important Character Off In Such A Meaningless Way?

The one thing that bothers me so much is that the character that died did not need to be Jimmy Olsen. I had no emotional connection to this character, and he could have simply just been a random photographer that accompanied Lois Lane. Instead Jimmy Olsen-turned-CIA Operative dies within the first 20 minutes without any real development of his character. They literally make no mention of his name, or do anything to indicate that he is Jimmy Olsen — and it really sucks for any Superman storyline moving forward.

While I had some issues with BvS, this is by far the biggest one. It just seemed pointless and unnecessary to kill an unnamed Jimmy Olsen. Hopefully Zack Snyder is just pulling our leg and he really isn't dead. All I know is that when hardcore fans realize that Michael Cassidy dies as an unnamed Jimmy Olsen, they will not be happy campers.


Are you OK With BvS Killing Jimmy Olsen So Early?


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