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It's okay to forgot things once in a while, we just need to start remembering to tune into these upcoming TV series' about our favorite comic book heroes. So we already know Luke Cage is set to release soon and so is DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but I bet you forgot about these new series' that could be a whole lot better than you think. Daredevil, Arrow, Jessica Jones... you just might have met your match.

1. Preacher (AMC)

Comic Source: DC Comics

Welcome to the gritty side of television. Preacher is created by Seth Rogen (I don't think it's a comedy) and is going to be aired on AMC. This series will be about a conflicted priest with a mysterious power. His goal is to find God, literal God, and nothing will stand in his way.

2. Powerless (NBC)

Comic Source: DC Comics

This comedy will follow the lives of a group of people working at the worst insurance company in America. Coming to NBC, the show will look like it was shot like the TV show The Office. Sure to be hilarious, watch out for this great TV show.

3. Protocol Orphans (Fox)

Comic Source: BOOM!

Fox is producing the show Protocol Orphans. Protocol Orphans will be about orphans that are trained as covert operations officers for the U.S government. This action drama will be edge-of-your-seat fun and might be the next big TV show to blow the other series' out of the water.

4. Marvel's Most Wanted (ABC)

Comic Source: Marvel

This action thriller will solely be based on Mockingbird from Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Continuing the ABC story, this "spin-off" might even be better than the original series. Full of action and Marvel cameos galore, make sure to keep an eye out for this awesome action TV series.

5. Enormous (Unknown)

Comic Source: Image Comics

Fox 21 is creating the next big TV series that could channel all the best monster movies. Like Godzilla? Watch Enormous. Like King Kong? Watch freaking Enormous. This series will show you what happens when the ecosystem turns huge. Humans are normal size but have to adapt to their new surroundings, fast. This will be a fan favorite forever.

What comic series are you looking forward to?

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