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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is all the talk on the internet right now. The movie is very split with audiences as some people love it and some people hate it. But why am I talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a Star Wars article? Well, the movie has swept over some juicy movie news. For example, there are 3 new TV spots for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and most people haven't even noticed. However, the piece of news I'll be breaking out to you guys may not look big on the surface but is very important when analyzed.

Gary Whitta
Gary Whitta

For those who are not aware, Gary Whitta is writing the script for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He has worked on many other movies and TV shows but most notably, he has written some of the episodes for Star Wars Rebels. He has now announced that he is back at it writing another episode of Star Wars: Rebels. One thing you could take from this is that there is going to be a third season as the finale is just approaching. However, I think there is more to the story than just that.

Is This a Coincidence?

As Whitta was writing Rebels episodes, he moved on to writing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Assuming that the script is pretty much finished, he is now going back to write some Star Wars: Rebels. Both Rebels and Rogue One are in the time period between Episodes 3 and 4. When Rebels ends, it will lead into the time period of Rogue One, which is around a year before A New Hope. So, if Lucasfilm is sharing writers between Rebels and Rogue One and the movie and TV show appear in the same time period, it raises a big question.

Will We See Star Wars: Rebels Characters in Rogue One?

Personally, I see it as a given. Even if it is a cameo, there has to be some relationship between Rogue One and Rebels. The whole plot of Star Wars: Rebels is a group of rebels transforming a group called the Rebellion to fight the Empire. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is when the Rebellion steals the plans for the Death Star. So there is a lot of similarities between the two. It is almost like Rebels is a prequel to Rogue One. The characters we see in Rebels jump-started the Rebellion and as long as they don't die, I don't see why we cannot see Hera, Zebb, Sabeen, or Chopper in Rogue One. They have also really focused on Kanan in the comics and novels, so it's only a matter of time before we see him on the big screen. It's funny because Freddie Prinze Jr. (who voices Kanan) could totally play him live action.

Seeing Kanan, Ezra, or even Ahsoka is a stretch but is also essential. They are Jedi and they will steal the show and take light of the Rebel crew. This is why they cut most of Luke Skywalker's scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens as they were afraid that he would steal the spotlight from Finn, Rey, and Poe. Now we know them and they are beloved characters. We are only going to meet the main cast of Rogue One once (at least in film), so they don't have another movie to introduce the hidden Jedi. It is a big issue in the case where they introduce Ezra, Kanan, and especially Ashoka that they will steal all the spotlight, even if their roles aren't big in the film.

However, Darth Vader is set to appear and is supposed to have a pivotal role as the main antagonist and his role will be the most violent we have ever seen him before. That's a pretty exciting thought to see Vader slaying some rebel scum. However, if Vader is in the movie, there has to be a Jedi to equal out his powers. Let's say we meet Kanan and Ashoka in a scene or two and when it's the third act, there is a lightsaber duel. Kanan and Ashoka versus Darth Vader and... who?

Ezra Turns to the Dark Side

It is heavily rumored that Ezra turns to the dark side in Star Wars: Rebels. The transformation would most likely happen in Season 3, which leads up to the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. When we see him in the movie, he will already be with Darth Vader. We would get some backstory as a lot of the people who watch the movie will not have watched Rebels but it would be a huge payoff for the people who do.

Turning Ezra to the dark side and having some of the main characters appear on the big screen would rapidly increase the ratings of Rebels. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was an extremely popular show and as Rebels broke ratings when it premiered, the ratings have decreased as the show runs on. Personally, I have missed multiple episodes of the show and when I do watch them, I will never watch them on TV but I'll binge them as I'm busy during the week and I have other shows on Wednesdays such as Arrow. Therefore, the show would really escalate and get very interesting and so many more people would want to watch the show. I also wouldn't be surprised if we meet some of the characters in Rogue One in Rebels.

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Do you think we will see Star Wars: Rebels characters appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?

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