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Ok so here goes my quick but rich Flash Theory

So as many of you may know and other may not, Barry Allen has a Twin in the comics. His name is Malcom Thawne. Yes i said Thawne, and this my friends is what starts the long aged rivalry and hatred between the Revers Flash and Flash.

Barry's Twin was stolen by a drunk doctor who felt it was not fair that the Allen's had two healthy kids and the Thawne's had a stillborn baby. So he switched babies and told the Allen's there twin was stillborn.

Ok, So why wont we see this in the Flash. Well because the story Arc currently has Wally West as the long lost brother and Barry having a twin would take away from that. But i do believe that they have used this twin plot with Jay Garrick.

How so, well we all know Zoom is Hunter Zolomon in the comics, and Jay pointed him out to Kaitlin in the park. So its possible.

So in theory Jay Garrick's separated at birth Twin is Hunter Zolomon, and Jay Garrick Earth 2 is the man in the Iron Mask ( do you get the literal reference here)

Evil twin imprisons good twin
Evil twin imprisons good twin

As for Our supposed earth 2 Jay Garrick; who fell for Kaitlin and hung out with our hero's, he is none other than...... dum dum dum.. Earth 1 Hunter Zolomon. So it is possible that the man fake Jay pointed out in the park bench is his successful all be it i'm jealous of his life, so i'll lie and say he is Zolomon, Earth 1 twin brother Jay Garrick.

Here are comes the questions.

Why does Jay go out of his way to avoid Wells?

Did Fake Jay really spend 6 months on earth 1, or did he spend it on earth 2 posing as Flash and learning to be Jay, hence his degeneration?

Is the fact that he is pretending to be Jay and not confident of his history with Wells why he avoids him?

Why does Wells only state that Jay avoided Zoom yet never confirms, or state that he has been missing for 6 months?

Can Zoom steal Speed or is it a lie to find out how to gain Speedforce?

Does Zoom's stability mean he has an inferior way of draining Jay's speed, and has he fully drained Jay and is now gunning for Barry?

If Zoom can steel speed, then why are his prison cells designed to be hard for a speedster to vibrate through?

Does Cisco Vibe the essence of an items recent owner or its original one?

Did Cisco vibe Zoom because fake Jay is earth 1 Hunter Zolomon?

Is Hunter Zolomon Earth 2, jealous of his Twin Jay Garrick, and therefor creates the Velocity drug that eventually turns him into Zoom. Mimicking Malcom's Jealousy of Barry, which in turn led him to become Cobalt blue?

Is it a coincidence that Barry's Twin in the comics Malcom Thawne is known as Cobalt "BLUE", and Zoom's Electricity is Blue? ( in the comics Zoom lightning is Red, all be it his uniform also resemble the reverse Flash in comics but so far all speedster in the comics till recently have had yellow or red lightning)

Does Earth 1 Hunter Zolomon, bare a grudge and deep sense of Jealousy toward Jay Garrick earth 1. A grudge that Zoom could have exploited?

Now here are my thoughts. Jay avoids Well's in fear that Wells will notice he is not the flash. Why? because Fake Jay was not on earth 1 doing research, he was on Earth 2 posing as the Flash thanks to Zooms help and The Velocity drug. This is why Zoom and fake Jay suffer from degeneration. This can also explain why he avoided Zoom on earth 2, there for generating Well's dislike of him. At this point i feel like The Speed force, or a permanent Velocity drug are the only cure to the degeneration. This would mean that Jay's story is a lie. Zoom cant steal speed but may possibly have imperfect way of draining speed. This would explain why Jay in the Iron mask is still alive, also why he needs Wells and Barry. I think Cisco Vibed Zoom because Earth 1 hunter Zolomon was its last owner. As for Zooms final comment, it could simply be an acknowledgment to the fact that he no longer has an inside man, and with fake Jay dead the team no longer has a reason to work on a cure. i believe Zoom used Fake Jay and Well's for the same reason, a cure, with Well's additional task of undoing Barry's speed for good. But now he lost both and has to figure something else out.

Thank you and tell me what you think


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