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Hi. My name is Rómulo and I am a huge fan of superheroes in general. All types of superheroes. Spider-man, Batman, Hulk, The Flash, etc.

I admit I was not a big fan of Daredevil, because I thought that he was a little bit flat when it comes to superheroes. I loved the Mark Millar time in the Daredevil comics, but except for that I did not have mutch interest. Then came the show, and now I can say that I love the character, because they really brought out the best in him. The first season was really good. Charlie Cox was a convincing Matt Murdock, I liked Elden Henson as Foggy, and Vincent D'Onofrio made one of the most incredible and vicious villain I have seen in a long time. The one thing I did not like was the fact that they putted Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page.

After I watched the 13 episodes straight without stoping, I stayed sitting and started thinking of what they could put in the second season. I thought about Elektra, obviously. I thought about the classic and mutch beloved Bullseye, I thought of

Typhoid Mary

Purple Man,( wich actually became the villain for Jessica Jones, wich as a good show. Not great in my opinion, but good.)

Mr. Fear

The Owl. The Owl is rumored to have been Leland Owlsley, but what the hell, he didn't even mentioned being called "The Owl" and he was dead even before the season ended, so i guess he's sun might be him? I don't know.

The Hand


When it was announced that The Punisher would be in the second season I was really looking forward to see who they would cast, and they did NOT disapoint. Jon Bernthal was a great choise, and this was probably the best role he ever played in his life. I loved how mutch violent he made the show.

Then they announced Elektra would also feature in the show, and the same excitement came over me. Until they announced who would play her. Elodie Yung did not seem like a good choise to play this character. Her skin is to dark compared to the character and she doesn't even look greek. Even when she appeared in the trailers I still had the same opinion, but I was willing to give her a try.

And then the show came and I watched it.

I loved how Hell's Kitchen didn't even have time to recover from Wilson Fisk, when the fear on the street's came back, this time because a man they call The Punisher is on a killing spree. I loved how Matt behaved while looking for him, even getting desperate to stop him at times. I loved Frank's story, it's well writen, and I liked that they putted him on trial, even though I think they could have hurried it up (but they needed 13 episodes, right? Who are we to judge.).

Deborah Ann Woll surprised me this season, she managed to make me care for her, and even like her and Matthew together (why brain, why??? Why can't I hate this relationship???).

This show has a problem with fight scenes. . . the best one still is the one from season 1 episode 2, but other than that, even though they have nice choreographies, many of them are obviously not real, if you look closely you will see many, many flaws in the hitting/ falling process mostly.

Here are my top 4 fight scenes in order:

I liked seeing Wilson Fisk appearing again and being as evil as he can be, BUT it sure wasn't the same as having him outside. I liked and understood why he freed Frank, after using him but I did not like the fact that he beated Matthew in the visitor's room. At least now he is rich again, due to the money he gains in jail, now that he owns the prison, including it's drug deals.

I did not like to see Matt, Foggy and Karen giving up like that, and I hope they get back together and make something out of their lawfirm. If Foggy doesn't take that job offer from Jeri Hogarth, and Karen gives up writing for the newspaper, wich doesn't seem likely unless she's forced to.

I loved that he finally get's the stick he uses in the comics. The one with the wire.

Let's talk about Elektra now. I've explained how I felt about Elodie Yung playing her, and now I explain how I felt while watching the show. It took me a while to even call her Elektra, while watching the show, BUT she eventually grew on me, due to her way of doing things and her voice tone. It also helped to take her seriously when I saw how she felt about Matthew, and what totally convinced me, was seeing that she was not really a daughter of that rich man, and that she was trained by Stick. This Elektra isn't the same character as the comics, they changed her story, and that helped me to accept her as Elektra.

I did NOT like the ninja stuff. I know it is part of the comics, but I do not like that part of the comics, and I did not know how to feel when she turned against The Hand and decided to save Stick. Was it a good thing? Was it a bad one? In the comics she is the freaking LEADER of The Hand, so why did they change the story so mutch?

Then she died. . . and then The Hand putted her in that. . . thing. And that got me excited. If she is coming back to life, it means that she is coming back to be their leader. If Elektra is back. . . it means that it might be the time for a bigger villain to come up and show his face. I'm talking about Bullseye. In the comics he bruttally stabs her and then she crawls back to Matt's house to then die. That would be really nice to see happening in the 3rd season.

The ninjas are coming back to Hell's Kitchen leaded by Elektra. Wilson Fisk is rulling the prison, and when he get's out, Hell's Kitchen, Matt and Foggy are going to burn. The Punisher, even though he is more friendly now, is still loose and killing. Stick is still out there somewhere, with his group.

So what I mean is. . . this season was like Avenger's Age of Ultron. They made a decent sequel, so we have SOMETHING before they blow our minds with the third part. Meaning that the 3rd season is going to be the real thing. This season was just stalling so we can know what's going on, when it comes, next year.

I hope that they reveal a little more of Matt as a child because I really am Interested and they only showed him in college this season.

Either way it WAS a good season, it was entertaining, I just think that to mutch things got mixed, and too mutch negativity happened with not so mutch positivity. But everything's about to change. . . In a year. . . damn it. . .

AND WHY WOULD HE REVEAL TO KAREN THAT HE IS DAREDEVIL?? Ok I get it. . . he's tired of lying. . . BUT WHY???

What did you think of this new season?


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