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Divination Professor Sybill Trelawney is treated very much like a joke (unless you're Lavender Brown, or Parvati and Padma Patil) and is rarely taken seriously. With each prediction made, it appears as if she's consistently playing up the theatrics.

Cool it, Trelawney.
Cool it, Trelawney.

However, once in a while, Trelawney will have a brilliant — if morose — breakthrough of insight in which she goes off in a complete daze and has an actual revelation.

It turns out we might have been underestimating Trelawney, as she has actually predicted Dumbledore, Sirius Black and Lupin's deaths. Maybe Hermione was wrong about her after all.

Albus Dumbledore's Death Predicted

In Chapter 11 of Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Dumbledore invites Trelawney to attend his Christmas dinner in the Great Hall.

Trelawney declines, saying, “If I join the table, we shall be thirteen! Nothing could be more unlucky! Never forget that when thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die!”

Scabbers — better known as the traitor Animagus Peter Pettigrew — was hiding in Ron's pocket. This means that there were already 13 people at the table. Dumbledore was sadly the first to stand up.

Holy wailing banshee, how did we miss that?

But wait. It happens for a second time.

Sirius Black's Death Predicted

In Chapter Five of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, 13 people dined at the Order Of The Phoenix's hideout in Grimmauld Place. Guess who was the first person to rise from the table?

Sirius started to rise from his chair. "Molly, you’re not the only person at this table who cares about Harry," said Lupin sharply. "Sirius, sit down." Mrs. Weasley’s lower lip was trembling. Sirius sank slowly back into his chair, his face white.

Is it too late to beg Sirius to not stand up? I think it sadly might be.

Remus Lupin's Death Predicted

During chapters Four and Five in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, the Order retrieves Harry from the Dursleys' house and takes Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves in a bid to get Harry safely to the Burrow. Sadly, the Death Eaters kill Hedwig and Mad-Eye Moody while they're in transit.

Once the rest of the crew arrives at the Burrow, Lupin is the first person to leave the table to go looking for Moody's body.

I just want to lock myself away in my bedroom and reread the entire series, boxes of tissues by my side.

And now we've learned our lesson: Not everything Trelawney says is batshit insane.

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