ByColton Drury, writer at


Now that Arrow's latest episode "Broken Hearts" is over we all know that Oliver and Felicity gave little to zero chance of getting together again. (Sorry Olicity Fans) And towards the end of the episode Oliver begs Felicity to give him a second chance and Felicity still says no and continues to say that it wouldn't be fair to Oliver to stay on the team. This would mean the Felicity would basically be off the show except for some periodic visits. This is going to be a very interesting to see how the team goes on without Felicity since she is very important person on the team.

So I'm just gonna say it. The person in the Grave is Felicity. Earlier in the season I thought that it definitely wouldn't be her since it would send Oliver over the edge and she was so important to the team. But now that she left the team and broke up with Oliver she isn't as important as she was before. Now, a lot of people think that it's Captain Lance which to me makes zero sense since if it was him I don't think Barry would be at the funeral and Oliver wouldn't be as sad. So based off of this it could very well be our beloved Felicity.

I may be completely wrong so tell me what you think!


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