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The next step in expanding the DC Extended Universe, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, has finally arrived in theaters, and has set the foreground for where the universe is going next; introducing key Justice League members including Wonder Woman and Aquaman, amongst others, for the future team-up movie.

Here's the better trailer for the superhero blockbuster:

However, in attempting to forge this extended universe, as well as bringing in our newest Batman, Ben Affleck, the writers (Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer) left a lot of questions unanswered at the end of the film. Let's take a moment to discuss some of these questions and their potential answers.


1. What Happened To Robin?

Even if you've only seen the trailer, you know that the infamous boy wonder Robin's outfit makes an appearance in the Batcave in a glass case with the words "HAHAH JOKE'S ON YOU BATMAN" written in greenish-yellow spray paint on the suit. Clearly, the writing refers to Batman's primary antagonist, The Joker, and Batman does make references to the evil clown bringing problems to Gotham, but no reference or clear answer is given about what happened to Batman's sidekick.

There are two potential theories about what this can signify: Either The Joker has killed Robin, or Robin himself has become The Joker. In The Dark Knight Strikes Again storyline, Dick Grayson has been fired by Batman and has started killing off superheroes under the orders of Lex Luthor. The other potential theory is that The Joker really has killed Robin in keeping with the Batman: A Death In The Family storyline, in which Jason Todd's Robin sacrifices himself to protect his mother from a bomb after he was tortured by the supervillain. But with no clear answer in the film, we're only left to speculate on what truly happened.

2. How Long Has It Been Since Batman Caught The Joker?

Numerous times throughout BvS, we hear Alfred and Bruce discussing the history of Wayne's journey as the Caped Crusader, saying it's been roughly 20 to 30 years of donning the black suit. Even during his argument about Batman with Clark Kent/Superman at Luthor's party, Wayne mentions how they've "had a bad history of freaks dressed as clowns." It's pretty evident that Batman has caught his supervillain before this movie, but with the references to Wayne being the vigilante for a couple decades, it's unclear when exactly he caught The Joker, and how long it's been since then. Maybe with the upcoming Suicide Squad, Jared Leto's time as the villain will explain how long before this film he's been imprisoned. Here's a look at the supervillain-based blockbuster:

3. What Was The Deal With Cyborg's Introduction?

One of the many subplots for this movie was Bruce trying to access Luthor's database through a small device, which was stolen by Diana Prince/Wonder Woman at Luthor's party before Bruce could get a look at it. However, when she fails to unlock it, Bruce cracks it open and finds a whole folder on four metahumans: Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. With each folder came documents and research on each of them. Flash had a surveillance video of him stopping a convenience store robbery, Aquaman had a video from a scientific team discovering him underwater, and Wonder Woman had a photo of her and her Army team with love interest Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) from 1918.

And then there was Cyborg's, which consisted of video entries of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist/father Silas Stone working to save the life of his son, Victor Stone and turn him into the mechanical hero we all know. During one of these entries, we see an exhausted Silas standing next to a cube-like object that is constantly moving and fluctuating. Suddenly, it starts levitating above Victor and starts emitting large bursts of electricity, which seemingly starts building more parts for Victor's body to make him complete. Before we get to see any more, Silas turns the camera off.

While Aquaman's and Flash's videos were more clear, this one begs the questions "What in the hell is that cube?" and "What happened to Silas and Victor?" Now, obviously we can assume whatever that cube was worked on Victor for his upcoming appearance in Justice League Parts 1 & 2, but what that cube was needs to be explained. Was it man-made, was it alien, did it come from some other universe? Hopefully we get some answers in the next DCEU film.

4. What Was Up With Those Dream Sequences?

Now, we obviously assume whenever a hero has been through some tremendous hardships in their line of "work," they will have some pretty awful nightmares. But just what in the hell was going on with Wayne's dreams? Evil bat demons attacking him, being set up in a trap by Superman thugs, seeing some random guy in an Iron Man looking suit with a whirlpool of electricity warning Bruce that "Lois is the key," as well as some other completely incomprehensible sentences. These dreams seem like they were supposed to be pointing to something, but other than Lois being the key to something, it really wasn't clear what it was supposed to do. Unless Batman took LSD before going to bed, I need a rational explanation of just what the point of them was.

5. How Was It Not Evident Clark Was Superman At The End?

Now, if you've been okay with the spoilers divulged so far, I'm going to give you one last chance to leave.

Still here? Alright. So, Superman dies. Yeah, you read that right. In the film's final battle of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman against Doomsday, Superman sacrifices himself to use the spear with a kryptonite head that Batman initially intended for Superman to kill Doomsday, in the process being impaled by one of Doomsday's spike hands, killing him. The Daily Planet runs a front page story reporting Superman's death, with a small story on the inside reporting that Clark was killed when reporting the battle.

Now, you may be thinking it makes sense so far, but keep listening. So, Metropolis holds a city-wide funeral for the Kryptonian with an empty casket, while Martha and Lois Lane hold a funeral of family and friends for Clark. Clark's funeral, however, is an open-casket one in which his body is not wearing glasses. If they had kept his glasses on, even in death, I would've totally understand nobody putting two and two together. But seeing as they took his glasses off, and that only four other people in the world knew his true identity, just how in the hell didn't one of their family friends walk up to the casket and yell "Holy shit, is that Superman?!"

It may seem like a small thing, seeing as a heartbeat is heard from Clark's grave just before the credits roll, but even the heartbeat is major. After everyone, including Lois, has left Clark's grave, two caretakers can be seen in the background waiting to finish burying the body. If Clark bursts out of the grave, how is he supposed to explain it to the caretakers? They're clearly gonna go, "Oh shit, Clark Kent is Superman!"

6. What Happened To The Wayne Manor?

Multiple times throughout the movie we see Bruce wander near and in Wayne Manor during times of emotional distress for the character. The manor has seen some harsh times in the movie, as it's clearly been abandoned and possibly even seen some fire damage. This begs the question of what happened to the mansion. Were the writers trying to loosely connect this film to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, in which the manor burned down in the first film and remained burned down all the way through the trilogy? Bruce Wayne is even staying in his lakeside cabin in this movie, with the Batcave being underground/underwater beneath the cabin. But no mention or even hint is given of what happened to the mansion, whether it was burned down by one of Wayne's enemies, or if Bruce burned it down himself after his parents died. We do not know, and may never know, unless it is addressed in a future DCEU film.

What did you think of 'Batman v Superman'? Are you looking forward to the next chapter in the DCEU? Did you have any plot frustrations with this film?


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