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Call Of Duty has been around for a long time now. There has been multiple COD games and they have developed over the years they have gotten better upgrades with new technology. But Call Of Duty is kinda losing it's kick with all this futuristic COD games it is kinda getting old. Maybe Infinity Ward might pull something off this year who knows they could get COD back up and rolling again. I don't really enjoy doing the whip in Black Ops 3 I mean come on this a war game not a dancing competition. Infinity Ward always really stuck to the modern games they never really went to far into the future the only game they did that touched a little bit on the futuristic side was Call Of Duty Ghosts which wasn't really even futuristic. I have tried and looking for some info on the next COD but failed to find some but knowing Infinity Ward I don't think they are going to make a futuristic game knowing them they are going to stick to their roots and make a modern game which I would love to see all these other games are getting really old. I can see a lot of people getting tired of these games they want the old style back they are tired jumping 20 feet into the air. With these overpowered weapons and laser guns it is kinda sad seeing this. The only problem is I really hope that they don't make a second COD Ghosts the first really didn't go off well a lot people actually hated that game and I really didn't enjoy that game as well. Now the clan wars in that game was pretty dang good I really loved the stuff that you were able to win in there for clan wars. But all in all I really hope to see Infinity Ward just make a modern COD maybe even a Modern Warfare 4. Thanks for reading what I think!


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