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'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' has just opened to mediocre reviews from critics and many audience members.

Ben Affleck made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In it, the host pointed out a review of 'Dawn of Justice'. from which stated "Affleck was the greatest onscreen Batman". At that moment, Ben stopped Fallon and told him:

"Don't scare people into thinking this is a critical film. We're not going for the film critics circle or whatever. This is an audience movie! People are actually gonna like this movie!"

The comment can seem an innocent attempt to not raise expectations by an actor exposed by reviews. But what did Affleck really mean by that? Critics (for the most part) are considered experts in movies; we trust upon them the task to judge a film and tell us if it's worth it or not. They tell us when a film perfectly balances its touches of intelligence and entertainment; this is how the public perceives the "critics circle".

So, what Affleck is really saying is that this is a film for the dumb audience. Have you ever heard someone say "it was just a dumb movie where you could turn off your brain, you'll enjoy just by turning on your ears"? When he says "people will actually like this movie" he's really saying "we won't scare them with intelligent themes. Explosions, no matter how mediocre they are they don't need to be understood, just be seen and listened to."

Watch the video below, in Affleck's reasoning "You don't need to understand it, just listen to it:


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