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First of all, i get to Facebook on Thursday just to find a friend of mine has already spoiled the movie for me but, no worries cause he told me just what i expected although i didn't expect Superman to die. i don't know what Zack Snyder is plotting but for sure, i hope he is going to explain everything that happened to superman in the upcoming movie Justice League. And now for the real reason i'm writing is to ask questions although i know i'm not going to get an answer. how can General Zod die completely but not Superman......... Que

All the trailers of BVS were awesome showing the fight between batman and superman just what i don't understand is why they hyped up the fight when they are only going to make the fight short as heck, the middle of that short fight was nice and all but after that the fight everything went down like the titanic.

Most people don't like the movie cause they expected a big fight but i kinda figured there wouldn't be a big fight when it's title is Dawn of Justice. It wasn't really focusing on the fight it was focusing on the dawn of the justice league and The doom squad or league i forgot there name. Which would of been fine if they didn't hype up and build up the tension to look like it would be a big and bloody fight, they spent an hour building up to the fight and then they fight for like 10 minutes max . this is one of the reasons i'm just waiting for civil war.

Next to the end they teased dark side,He died by doomsday in the comics I mean it never happened in the same time as meeting batman but he did die and just came back to life just like they teased. So it's gonna be so stupid to bring him back alive after years or months past when u just saw the soil moving on the casket, so he gonna stay in the casket until the next movie that's just dumb.

When batman dreamed the omega symbol I died a little, like the movie did a job as introducing the new characters but the way they handled the rest of the movie was not thoughtful. Lex Luther was practically pulling a syndrome from the Incredibles so having known there whereabouts like that didn't make any sense

Cyborg didn't make no type of sense, They should of showed him getting hurt with those blasts that doomsday had and had a post credit where they fix him. I didn't even understand what was going on with cyborg to be honest this guy was only a head and a chest for a long time and then some alien box started getting attached. He is getting a solo movie so they might explain that nonsense but no matter what, cyborg is made from human technology not alien.

The movie can be taken apart from its mistakes and domesday didn't even die he exploded which makes no sense and the fact when he first came to life he looks a little like Solomon Grundy.

superman looked like bizzaro after the nuke.......I was so confused for that minute.

Half the movie got me confused

WELL let's just wait for JUSTICE LEAGUE....and civil war

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