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For me, the most important time of the year is the Easter season. Accordingly, I'm celebrating this special holiday by offering an extensive four-part collection of videos, encompassing a very wide selection of appropriate music, films, images, and words. These materials cover a varied spectrum of views on Christianity. While the emphasis is on devout faith, I've also incorporated satire – as well as the ideas of skeptics, for intellectual balance and artistic variety.

I can honestly say that, after three decades as a believer in JESUS OF NAZARETH, this occasion is more profoundly meaningful than ever. To hopefully inspire others to a deeper appreciation of genuine Christianity as this sacred season unfolds over the next several weeks, I've gathered together the best available faith-related materials. My hope is that this wide spectrum of artistic expressions will facilitate a substantial and entertaining exploration of spiritual imaginings and realities. I invite you to share the adventure by clicking the following links:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


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